Warhammer Live Appearance! LCO, NR4 & LVO Tournament Reports | Tabletop Tactics Backstage

Avatar The Spider February 14, 20172  4 2 Likes

YouTube video

I announce the team’s attendance on Warhammer Live this Friday the 17th and cover the full Tournament Report roundup over
the past 5 weeks including the epic Las Vegas Open!

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6 years ago

Thanks for the updates Lawrence. Congrats again on the win with the Dark Eldar. I played them back when they first came out in 3rd edition. I’ve moved on since then, but they hold a special place in my heart….lol. I’m really interested in the KDK as well. Its nice to see something different in the meta. I think that many armies get overlooked due to the new “hotness” of a more recent codex. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter
6 years ago

Excellent results Lawrence, particularly at the LVO, great to see the True Kin springing some surprises. Also good to see that you faced more than just the same old Craftworld Eldar list 5 times in a row this year!

Looking forward to seeing your Ynnari list, I played my first game with them yesterday and the Yncarn wrecks face, easily made it’s points back.

tulio wolford
tulio wolford
6 years ago

Congrats Lawrence! You are a boss. My son and I almost came to the LVO just to meet you, we are big fans, had our table top tactics shirts ready and we were going to follow you around and be cheerleaders but alas it didn’t happen. Maybe next year. Love the videos, the vox casts, the tactics, wish the campaigns showed the die rolls (guess we can’t have everything :P) Keep up the great work, I will continue to get all my friends to subscribe and support your work.