Age of Sigmar Battle Report: Death Rattle vs Iron Jawz 2000pts

Avatar Tabletop Tactics March 10, 20172  2 2 Likes

Liam brings his Iron Jawz into the studio and challenges the legions of Death with his Destructions based force!

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3 years ago

Didn’t chose to arcane bolt so did not matter, but at around 2h2m the Colonel was thinking of casting second arcane bolt. Rule of 1 in matched play would stop this.

3 years ago

Loving these AoS batreps. Really need to finish my Daemons of Tzeentch soon so I can start using them in both 40k and AoS! Also, as always, love the beautifully painted armies on both sides. Always a treat to have Liam’s excellent paintwork on display, and very nice to see Mrs. Colonel’s work alongside Jamie’s high standards as well! Any chance we’ll ever see Mrs. Colonel on the channel? Obviously, totally understandable if she wouldn’t want to, but always nice to see women representing the hobby. Anyway, keep up the good work as always, all of you!