Warhammer 40,000 List Analysis: Andy’s Necrons 2000pts

Avatar Tabletop Tactics September 28, 20182  14 2 Likes

Bone and Stig sit down to review Andy’s Necron List, while discussing how to make the faction work as a whole in 8th Edition. For all your hobby and gaming needs, visit Tabletop Tactics’ sponsors Element Games: http://elementgames.co.uk/warhammer?d=30 Tabletop Tactics Merchandise: http://www.tabletoptactics.tv/store/ Game Mats provided by http://www.gamemat.eu For professional miniature painting commissions: http://www.siegestudios.co.uk

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Thankyou so much BBONE & Stig. Some really good food for thought for me there, really appreciate you taking the time to do this, awesome channel, all you guys are brill,

Martijn Poot
Martijn Poot

Mephrit doomsday arks are hilarious, -6 AP within half range, just to deny that one landraider in cover his armour save. A bit more serious, I think Bone’s list seems like the stronger option, I like the battery of 3 doomsday arks. However, I feel like the arks benefit more from the Nihilakh dynasty. I would scratch the novokh outrider, and instead use a nihilakh spearhead, including the canoptek cloak cryptek. This gives the cryptek a function as well, while in the outrider he is a bit of a point sink. With Nihilakh you can reroll the ones to hit… Read more »

Stuart Manks

if you believe it can be done……..with a massive helping of luck

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