Hobby News Data Slate: Slaanesh, Ynnari & the FAQ?

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In the UK a bunch of people are holding their heads and clutching their bellies after a weekend of over indulgence on booze and chocolate. So it’s only appropriate that the main news of the weekend is about the the Lord of Excess him/her/itself – bursting back into both the Mortal Realms and the Grim Dark of the Far Future with gusto.

Whilst the rumours had been flying thick and fast for many many months about Slaanesh’s return, and with the reveals of the multitude of plastic kits for them back at Adepticon, we’d known about them coming for some time, though I’d be hesitant to have guessed they were due this soon. But what a bunch of models they are – the worshippers of the Dark Prince have truly been well rewarded for their patience, and with only a few more weeks to wait, the previews for them will be coming thick and fast no doubt.

The announcement that all of the plastic characters will be getting rules for both AoS and 40k is fantastic, however there was no (at time of writing) clarification that the terrain piece will be getting 40k rules. Having said that, consider that the Khorne Altar of Skulls and Nurgle’s Feculent Gnarlmaw have rules for the 41st Millenium, it stands to reason the upcoming Slaanesh terrain will be no different.

We can also make a reasonably educated guess from this release that a Chaos Daemon 2.0 Codex is likely right around the corner. We know that GW have begun Phase Two of 8th Edition, namely the release of updated codices. This spreads thin the rules for the varying Daemon units plus the new ones coming – it will now be the Codex, updates in CA18, Vigulus Ablaze and now the individual Data Sheets for the new models. That’s a lot of different sources! At this point, a new codex with updated and consolidated rules will be both welcome and necessary.

As for the remaining Pre-orders and Releases of the week, we have the updated Battletome to the Fyreslayers as well as their new Endless Not-Spells and Terrain, continuing the trend of providing unique terrain pieces to the armies of Age of Sigmar. This is something which has also begun a trend within 40k, although currently with a points cost attached to them as well, I believe is something that is very likely to continue as the game progresses.

In the glimmering hallways of Shadespire, two new Warbands for Warhammer Underworlds join the fray, the fae-inspired Sylvaneth of Ylthari’s Guardians, and Thundrik’s Profiteers, the steampunk sky pirate dwarves of the Kharadron Overlords (who are aesthetically one of my favourite factions across all GW’s games). Each faction looks to add yet more unique playstyles and cards to the ever expanding combat game. There is also the release of all the Nighthaunt Warbands as stand alone sets (without the cards) – for a modelling or painting project alone the Underworlds models are some of the nicest out there.

We also see the Doom of Molech expansion for Adeptus Titanicus as well as some fantastic new terrain. The expansion promises to bring a whole host of narrative fluff and gaming rules, including new Legio and Household rules and background, new Stratagems and Assets, and a slew of Narrative missions to play out the battles of Molech itself, a turning point in the Horus Heresy.

In the realms of Middle-earth, there is a plastic update to the classic Éowyn and Merry models, as well as Battle Companies, providing an in depth campaign system for building and growing a small scale group of warriors and heroes – perfect for getting started in games of Middle-earth and forging your own tales of valour or villany. Finally, the latest round of Made to Order focuses on some classic out-of-print figures of the Lord of the Rings series.

Black Library is releasing an absolute belter this week, a re-release but one that no self respecting 40k fan should be without – the IThe Imperial Infantryman’s Handbook – containing Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, the Imperial Munitorum Manual, and The Benedictions of the Emperor. Even if you don’t play Guard or even the Imperium, these are prime classics from the Black Library, with a wonderful blend of grimdark, humour and utter insanity that only the 40k universe could bring. We also see the continuation of the Dark Imperium storyline with Plague War, as well as visiting the depravities of Chaos in the anthology collection of Lord and Tyrants. The Mortal Realms aren’t left out of the Library’s attentions, with new Audio Drama The Imprecations of Daemons, and novel Blacktalon: First Mark exploring more sides of the Stormcast Eternals and their constant battle against the forces of Chaos.

Finally, we know that the upcoming issue of White Dwarf will feature all new rules for the Ynnari faction, as previewed by Warhammer Community… We will be seeing new datasheets for the three characters, 17 powerful Stratagems, as well as 6 each of the following: Warlord Traits, Relics of Ynnead, Tactical Objectives and psychic powers from the Revenant discipline! That’s a lot new rules… But will they bring balance to this contentious faction? Or will I have more than my fair share to rant about shortly!

So that’s the brief rundown of the releases this weekend from GW… wait, what? The FAQ?

No…That hasn’t dropped yet.

Trust me. You’ll know when it does.

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Joe Kerr-Delworth
Joe Kerr-Delworth
1 year ago

Absolutely love the new Keeper of Secrets models (character included), and I agree, that I think terrain pieces will slowly get rolled out across the board for every faction over time. I think this will also happen with GWs plan to ensure that each faction as “a big LoW model” available to them as well. Though whether this will be FW driven of GW drive remains to be seen. Ynnari. It’s going to be interesting. I like that they’re getting updated datasheets, their own stratagems, relics and WL traits, but, I sincerely hope that they subsequently come with restrictions to… Read more »

1 year ago

Good stuff Chef, I must say I’m really looking forward to Plague War!

Thomas Brouer
Thomas Brouer
1 year ago

We still need these in video form…. I NEED MY CHEF VID RANT!!!!! GOD DAMNIT!!!