Nice to meet you!

Are you our next Content Presenter?


Nice to meet you!

Are you our next Content Presenter?

Wanna play?

So you want to play for a living? Great choice! Are you a charismatic and confident presenter? Can you think on your feet and perform in a fast-paced studio environment as part of a small team?


If you don’t just want a job but a dream career that is also a lifestyle, we might just have what you’re looking for!


We are looking for a talented individual who can demonstrate the following skills and experience:


A keen and experienced Warhammer 40,000 player – Essential ✅


Confident and articulate presentation skills on camera – Essential ✅


Driven and passionate about being on the frontline, presenting to and performing for hundreds of thousands of viewers every week – Essential ✅


Ability to work in a production environment where job requirements can change on a day-to-day basis – Essential ✅


Strong multi-tasking skills with close attention to detail – Essential ✅


Must be eligible to work in the UK and be able to commute to Bath, in Somerset, on a full time basis – Essential ✅


Acting or performance based training and/or experience – Desirable ❤️


Video production experience such as camera operation, sound, lighting and video editing – Desirable ❤️


Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop games experience – Desirable ❤️


Miniature painting skills – Desirable ❤️

Make your own luck!

If you feel like you have the above skills then we want to hear from you!


In order to apply for the Content Presenter role you will need to prepare the following and submit it via our Application Form below:


🎥 A Video Audition – The video should be no longer than 3 minutes. We will only accept videos uploaded to your own YouTube account and shared with us via an Unlisted or Publicly Published link.


Do not email us videos directly.


In the audition you will need to hit the following points:


❗️You must introduce yourself and your favourite Warhammer 40,000 faction.


❗️You must tell us why your favourite faction is the best faction in the universe.


❗️You must then tell us why you are going to be an awesome Presenter for Tabletop Tactics.


You may be as creative as you like with the presentation in the audition. You do not need a fancy lighting or camera setup to submit a video to us. It can be a static video shot on your mobile phone. Remember, we are interested in you, not your equipment. If you do have video experience and equipment then absolutely feel free to use that for the presentation.


The most important thing is to make sure we can see you, so make sure you’re in a well lit space. 


📄 A Resume or Biography – Please upload this to your application as a PDF document. Other formats will not be accepted. This should highlight your previous work and/or performance experience.


📝 A Letter of Introduction – Please tell us about yourself and why you wish to work for Tabletop Tactics. Please reference any relevant work, as well as any Warhammer related social media presence that you may have.





Choose the career of a lifetime

Successful applicants will hear from us within four weeks of submission. Only applications submitted via our form below will be considered. Please do not follow up with us, as we will be unable to provide feedback due to the volume of applications. Applications will remain open until a successful candidate is hired.

  • Position: Content Presenter – Full-time salaried, 40 hours per week.
  • Salary: Dependent on experience.
  • Location: Bath, United Kingdom.
  • Benefits: Company Bonus Scheme, Pension and Holiday Allowance.

Content Presenter Application Form
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