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Mobile App Questions

How do I cast content to my TV?

Please Note: Casting is not available for Freeview content.


The iOS app supports both Google Cast (Chromecast and Android TV devices) and Airplay.

Google Cast

To cast a video, make sure your device and the cast receiver are on the same WiFi network. Once the app can see your device, the cast button will appear at the top of the show.

The app will request permission to access your Local Network the first time you cast. If you have previously denied this, you must re-enable it by going to iOS Settings -> Tabletop Tactics and enable Local Network. Without this permission, the app cannot find your local Cast devices.


To send the video to your Airplay device, begin playing the content then tap the icon in the bottom left to select your output device. Tapping on one of the Available Airplay devices will begin playback.

Why is my comment is not appearing?

The first 10 Comments made by new accounts will need to be approved by a moderator before they can appear in the app. Once accounts have been approved, comments will begin to appear automatically. Most comments are approved within 24 hours.

How do I download a show?

Downloads are only available for On Demand content and the button will therefore not appear for Freeview shows.

The download button will present a list of options in size order for you to download. The larger the size, the higher the download quality but may take longer to download depending on your available network speed.

Once the download has completed, the player will automatically use the downloaded version.




I modified my account image/name on the website, why isn't it appearing in the app?
Edits to your account will become visible once you have logged out and back into the app.
How do I search for a video?


The search bar will appear at the top of the Shows view by dragging down the list of shows.


The search functionality is available by tapping the search icon in the top right corner of the Home tab.

Search Tips

You can search for things like:

  • “Necrons” – shows that feature Necrons
  • “Chef” – shows that feature Chef
  • “Intercessors” – shows that feature Intercessors in the roster


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