We’d love to meet you.



We’d love to meet you.


Wanna Play?

We love hosting guests and collaborating with other creators!



Do you want to appear on a Battle Report or discuss a hot topic on our Podcast? Maybe there is another show or idea you have to collaborate with us on?



We would love to hear about it!



In order to appear on our show, we have the following requirements in place to ensure that the shows we make continue to have the same fun and high quality standard our audience has come to expect:



All Guests must be a minimum of 18 years old. 🔞



If appearing on a Battle Report, your army must be fully painted and based to a good standard. 🎨



Play on a Battle Report should be friendly and have a good sense of sportsmanship. ❤️



Guests should be familiar with their army and rules, but we get that mistakes can happen! 🧠



We are a family friendly show. No profanity or offensive material. ⚠️



Please note that if you are a Content Creator that wants to collaborate, we will look for your content to be made with the same level of professionalism and standards that we hold Tabletop Tactics to. ✅

Make Your Own Luck!

If you feel like you have the above requirements then we want to hear from you!



In order to apply to be a Guest you will need to prepare the following and submit it via our Application Form below:



🎥 A Video Audition – The video should be no longer than 3 minutes. We will accept videos uploaded via any popular sharing service, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google/Apple Drive or DropBox etc.



⚠️ Do not email us videos directly.



In the audition you will need to hit the following points:



❗️You must introduce yourself and your Army or Channel if you are a Content Creator.



❗️If applying for a Battle Report, you must then show us close up video shots of your painted army, highlighting your favourite units and models while telling us about them.



❗️If applying to collaborate, appear on our Podcast or a different show, you must tell us why you would be an awesome guest on it and tell us about what topics or ideas you have.



You may be as creative as you like with the presentation in the audition. You do not need a fancy lighting or camera setup to submit a video to us. It can be a static video shot on your mobile phone.



The most important thing is to make sure we can see you and your miniatures, so make sure you’re in a well lit space. 


Apply Now!

We’d love to get back to everyone, but sadly due to the volume of applications we receive, this isn’t possible. Only successful applicants will be contacted by us, but it can take some time to get to you, so please be patient. Good luck!

  • Minimum Age: 18. 🔞
  • Cost: No fee required to appear on our show for Guests. 🆓
  • Expenses: Travel to our venue and or any accommodation required to be made and found at Guest’s expense. 💰
  • Lunch: Lunch will generally be provided by us on the day. 🍽
  • Location: Chippenham, United Kingdom.📍

Guest Application Form
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You can use any sharing platform you like, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox etc
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We prioritise On Demand members for guest slots on our shows.
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