Are you looking to complete your basic training recruit?

In this how to guide, we will take you through the steps required to start playing games and submitting scores!

Ready for the training to begin?

You can find the Tabletop Tactics app on the Apple and Google Play stores. It’s available for both tablets and mobile devices.

We advise you to update to the latest version of your iOS or Android operating systems before installing our app.

Please note that older devices may not be able to run the minimum operating system required to install our app.

In order to join our League you will need to either create an account or login if you already have one. You can do so for free via our League tab in the app, or you can sign up to On Demand and gain access to our entire library of shows in addition to the League.

  • If you want to join the League you will need to create an account, or sign in, if you have one. This can be done via the League page tab or via the Account tab in our app.
  • When creating your free account you must first provide a user email to create an account. This is required if we need to contact you for support.
  • The next field requires a User Display Name to be made. This is the name that people will see in our League Rankings and is also used to search for you as a player when playing games in the League. You may use your first and last name, nickname or whatever online user handle you prefer. Note we do not display email addresses in our league for privacy purposes.
  • You will then need to create a password for your account to login. We advise using something unique. Once complete, you will be assigned a Freeview Membership and will be able to comment on shows in our app, as well as play in Open Leagues.

You can now Join a League! Selecting the ‘Join the League’ button will open a new menu showing all available leagues.

  • Select the League you wish to join, such as ‘Warhammer 40,00 Open League 2024’.
  • You will then be shown a new window, prompting you to ‘Select League Faction’.

Push the ‘Select League Faction’ button and you will open the faction selection window.

  • You may scroll through the factions here to find the one you would like to run this season.
  • Once you have decided on a faction, select it and you will be presented with a ‘Warning’ window, stating ‘Your faction will be locked for the remainder of the season. Once registered, factions cannot be changed.’
  • Press and hold the ‘Lock Faction’ button at the bottom of the screen until a celebration of dice confetti marks your success.

A new window will now open that has two required fields.

  • Your Match Pin is a 6 digit code that is required to be entered on your opponent’s device if they have submitted the scores for your match.
  • We advise that the pin you choose is not ‘123456’ to help prevent falsification of scores. The pin should be unique to you and memorable.
  • The next field requires your army roster. Rosters should only be changed after a loss or with a new rules update. Lists can be pasted in from other roster building apps such as Battlescribe, or the Warhammer 40,000 app.
  • If writing your list manually, individual points for wargear, units and other upgrades must all be clearly shown.
  • Once complete, press the ‘Register’ button and you’re now ready to play a League game!

You will now be returned to The League landing page where new menu items have been added.

You will see a ‘Quick Actions’ menu where you can select ‘Manage List/Pin’ to change your army roster or pin for a league or ‘Submit Scores’ after playing a game for a selected League or event.

You will also see a ‘My Registrations’ menu where you can see the Leagues and Events you have registered for.

Once you have just played a game with an opponent, you will want to push the ‘Submit Scores’ button to register your points in a League. Selecting the button will open a new window where you can select a registered League to submit scores to.

  • Select the appropriate League for the game you just played and a new window will then present you with the scoring fields and a ‘Select Opponent’ button.
  • Enter the total victory points scored for yourself. Do not add League or Event bonus points, our app will automatically add those on for you.
  • You will then need to push the ‘Select Opponent’ button. A new search window will appear. Type in your opponent’s Display Name they use for their account. Note, you can not search by email. Once you have found your opponent, select them and their Display Name will appear where the button was.
  • If a player cannot be found, make sure they are registered to the League or event you are playing. Note, your scores will be processed and become available in the leaderboard periodically.
  • Now input their total Victory Points scored this match (or your opponent can do it on your device).
  • If you and or your opponent’s armies were painted and based to a ‘three colour minimum’ standard, then push the (Painted bonus +10pts).
  • With the scores now entered, your opponent will be required to enter their Match Pin before you can push the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Once verified ‘Submit’ the scores and the results will be added to the League!

Your training is complete, recruit!

We will update this page in the future with FAQs and further support queries.

If you have any further questions, suggestions or support requirements, please email

See you in the League!