The Warhammer 40,000 Studio Tournament is a private event for the crew. Each game of the event is filmed and released to our audience on a weekly basis.

The event follows the rules of our Warhammer 40,000 Open League 2024 Season including all current GW FAQs and Balance Dataslates.

Missions in this event are drawn from the Tabletop Tactics Mission Pool, detailed in the section below.

In addition, the following rules are in effect:

  • Should any rules change or be updated in the middle of filming the Studio Tournament, changes will be used as soon as possible between matches. Due to filming constraints, this may rarely result in a game being filmed prior to any rules changes, but released after said changes are announced. In such cases, this will be noted in the video description.
  • Lists may be changed during the filming of the Studio League Tournament qualifier rounds if the Player lost their previous Game, or in circumstances where rules changes drastically change a list (to be determined by the Tabletop Tactics Crew). For example, a list becoming over pointed due to an update would be eligible to be changed.
  • Likewise armies with different Detachments can be changed in the course of an ongoing Studio League tournament but only upon a loss.
  • For the purposes of our filmed Studio League Tournament, terrain is placed by a non-player member of the Crew. While we use the Terrain Layouts from the Leviathan Mission Companion as a guide, we also implement our own Keywords on terrain to make the battlefields more immersive and less uniform. For example, we may give a terrain structure the Ruins and Sealed Building Keywords if it is a mix of the two. These will be outlined during the game as it’s played for our audience.

The Studio League Tournament is divided into 2 Stages, the Qualifiers and the Knock Outs.

Missions are randomly determined, and once a Mission is played, it is removed from the pool of available Missions for this Tournament.

Qualifier Standings are determined by Victory Point total at the end of each match.

  1. In the Qualifiers, each Player plays 3 games and faces 1 randomly drawn Player for the first match.
  2. The second and third rounds will pair Players with the closest matching Victory Points against each other in a ‘swiss pairing’ format.
  3. This Tournament awards cumulative wins in a row bonus points, so if a Player wins their first qualifier game, they would be awarded +100 Victory Points. If they win their second qualifier game, they would be awarded +200 Victory Points. Note that this tournament only has 3 qualifier matches before the semi final cut. The Knock Out rounds do not generate win in a row bonus points.
  4. Once the Qualifiers are complete, the Top 4 Players will face off in the Semi-Finals. Semi Final 1 will see the First and Third highest scoring players from the Qualifiers face off. Whilst Semi Final 2 will be between the players in Second and Fourth place.
  5. The winners of each Semi Final then advance to the Final, and battle it out to determine this Tournament’s Champion!

The following Missions have been designed to provide balanced and fun game variety. Every Primary Mission and Deployment Map is represented here, along with 11 out of the 12 Mission Rules, offering 36 combinations of different games, with the intent to challenge generalship and gameplay.

We generate a mission by rolling 2D6, one for the Mission Set and one for the Mission itself.

You may use this mission pool table at home for your own League Games or events. If doing so, we recommend that you play each mission as described, as each group should be balanced with a variety of games which will challenge all players and armies, while offering a variety of mission types. If you generate the same mission, then re-roll until you generate one you haven’t played before.