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Avatar The Spider December 29, 202090  74 90 Likes

Hi folks! Your friendly neighbourhood Spider here 🙂

I’ve posted this on our social media outlets, but for you bosses that might have missed that, thanks for the feedback on our new format Battle Report released on Christmas Day! As many of you have guessed, the new format is a step towards our new Live Streaming format to release in addition to our regular reports next year 👀 Please note, that it will not be a replacement to our regular filmed Reports but a cool compliment that we can add to our show line up for you guys.

I’ve collated all the feedback and have a plan for version 2 that should accommodate the best of all the tastes. You can expect the following:

  • Run’N’Gun player cam as per old style, for the more immersive at the table experience. Yes that means the first person point of view will be back with a camera in the player’s hand to cover their opponent’s turn ✅
  • We will complement the Run’N’Gun camera with 3 other fixed camera angles, all of the board to show the extra pretty models/terrain and to help capture dice rolls that the active player cam sometimes struggles to follow (dice being thrown randomly with a camera in hand etc). Top down camera will only be used to emphasise tactical movements and actions with our previously used graphics.  ✅
  • Shorter Movement Phase/Summary. We will only show you the highlights of the movement, by showing the unit’s before and after positioning. Any relevant tactical decisions/spent command points will be shown to help you track at home. ✅
  • Score banner to either come in as a pop up (rather than run the whole time) when players use a CP or Score a VP, with end of turn full points summaries. Alternatively, I will see if I can add some transparency to it, to make it as least invasive as possible. ✅
  • Pre-game List Analysis with both players sitting and talking will still be dropped from the Reports for now, however we are returning with the List Analysis show where you will get us sitting and talking about all sorts of lists and chewing the fat much more regularly. This also then gives us the time to shoot high quality miniature footage to accompany all of our talk shows – including Faction Focus and the soon to be regular Backstage, which will be full of banter and shenanigans. ✅

So what does this all mean for you guys?

It means I’ve heard your feedback, adapted, and made the show even better. Everything you loved about the old format is basically back in one form or another, whilst also enabling us to produce other shows with an even higher quality. It means you get more of the shows you love, in a quality higher than it has ever been before.

Much to look forward to in 2021!


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Sonny Govus
Sonny Govus(@sonnygovus)
1 year ago

Shame you have dropped the list part thats my fav bit tbh. Its easy for those that Don’t to skip ahead with the timings you put up. I like hearing the lists ins and outs and you guys opinions!

1 year ago

Nice! Unless there’s a good reason to explain how a list works, I rarely bother watching the pre-game list breakdown anyway.

Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick(@paul-litecky)
1 year ago

Loving the new format keep up the good work

1 year ago

Personally I love the pre-game list analysis – informative and entertaining. Hopefully you’ll keep this in place for some reports. As a potential returning player to the game a couple of years ago this was hugely helpful in understanding the armies, and still love learning new things from it, especially for armies I don’t play.

1 year ago

Very cool! Looking forward to livestreams! Maybe there could be a way for the audience to impact lets say the choices in a D&D session? That would be so cool! Chat throwing curveballs at the party or even have a npc controlled by chat:-) anyway, happy new year everyone!

Princeps Augustus
Princeps Augustus(@augusto-fioretti)
1 year ago

This Sparks Joy ^

Michael Potts
Michael Potts(@michaelpotts)
1 year ago

Hello! Huge fan. In regards to the run n’ gun camera, I can definitely see how it would be hard to film, narrate, roll dice, and focus on the game at the same time. Before COVID many (all?) of the shows were filmed by a third person which solved these problems and also added more banter, and for me was something that really separated you guys from your competition. When COVID restrictions are eventually relaxed is there a plan to go back to a third person filming?

André Orthmann
André Orthmann(@andre-orthmann)
1 year ago

Regarding the movement: as an early 2020 40k noobie i have to say it was always good to see the full movement phase when you recorded it and helpful, too. Not in the matter of “whats happening on the table” more from the educational side. Just like to point it out from a new player perspective. Maybe you could keep it for the tacticas, which are in general more about learning and deep thoughts from the Spider. Fortunately i gathered so many infos / tips from you guys during the year that i can say: not as important for me… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by André Orthmann
Chris Ed
Chris Ed(@chris-ed)
1 year ago

Hello Mr Spider! Firstly hope you had a great Xmas and will be doing something fun for the New Year despite this whole tier 4 malarkey, much love for all of you guys and thanks for keeping spirits up and being awesome in general! 🙂 My query/point is really about Tactica Reports specifically: As I’ve been playing more 40k I’ve become more competitive focussed and it seems to me that the Movement Phase, particularly in 9th, is where the most important decisions are made and games won/lost. Focussing on a flank, setting up a unit to cover fire in case… Read more »

1 year ago

I’m sorry Lawrence but, good quality content is one thing but, pre-game ranting is what made you special to my eyes and, in the end, made me subscribe.
Without it, well, we lose the channels’ spirit, in my opinion, and, I will reconsider my subscription.

1 year ago

This reads like a wish list of you responding directly to my overly enthusiastic and detailed comments on the new report. Hooray! I won! While I’m winning, I’d frankly love the extended list analysis, faction focus, and army detail shots to focus on the Crusade y’all are doing. The only way I can see your content getting better would be including breakdowns of your upgrades/scars/etc for Crusade armies (either in those reports or the faction focus) and possibly the use of a large map showing the course of the Crusade in your chosen battle sector. Digital, whiteboard, the old hex… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by easywayout
Matti Niemelä
Matti Niemelä(@matti-niemela)
1 year ago

Please, no static persistent elements on screen. Transparent or otherwise. OLED (and older Plasma) TV’s are prone to “burn in” or “image retention” with static images. Two hours of static scorecard will be a nightmare. At the minimun it should flip sides from time to time. Also what I would love to have is to see both player’s VP’s at the same time. This has bothered me for some time now. After a player’s turn, it doesn’t help me to know the score is 55 VP, if I don’t remember how many points the opponent has. Also happy new year!… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Matti Niemelä
Martin Wells
Martin Wells(@martin-wells-2899)
1 year ago

Bravo!!! Thanks for listening spider

Bastian Birkholz
Bastian Birkholz(@bastian-birkholz)
1 year ago

It sounded a lot like a replacement when you repeatedly said that your analytics show that people tend to like that style more. I can imagine that a lot of people understood it that way(or maybe it was just me being stupid). Because if this format just replaces those quick reports then it is even for me, as a non believer, an improvement. I like it that you are so forward and are listening to the comments because I saw a lot of these complaints you try to aknowlegde in the comments myself. I am certainly willing to give it… Read more »

Kim Møller
Kim Møller(@kim-moller)
1 year ago

Hey ! Happy Newyear first of all 🙂 this part i dont understand that much : Score banner to either come in as a pop up (rather than run the whole time) when players use a CP or Score a VP, with end of turn full points summaries. Alternatively, I will see if I can add some transparency to it, to make it as least invasive as possible that was the BEST part of the new format imo. it was SO nice to just look to the side of the screen and see what the score was, how many cp… Read more »

Yuri Broda
Yuri Broda(@yuri-broda)
1 year ago

You guys make some of the best content out there!! Glad you’re working hard to keep it fresh, can’t wait to see what the new year brings. Would be amazing if you guys finally started putting out some Age of Sigmar, Warcry, etc. battle reports as well!

Tom Giddings
Tom Giddings(@tom-giddings)
1 year ago

Loving the content you guys are making and I personally love the score counter you had! Helps me keep track at a glance as I am painting.

1 year ago

I approve highly of this message! Thanks for taking aboard the feedback :).

1 year ago

My only criticism, on an otherwise excellent format, is that the music during the Kharn Phase be turned up to 11!

Jonathan Archer
Jonathan Archer(@jonathan_archer)
1 year ago

It’s an iterative process! They’re never perfect at first stab.
I thought the new format would give a more professional feel, but it lost the organic feel that makes TT more special. I think the fixed cameras are too low, so you miss a lot of detail behind terrain. Still great content as ever!

1 year ago

I can only imagine how many carefully edited F Bombs we don’t see from Bone will show up in the live streams lol

But seriously this is all sounding excellent, thank you for listening to our feedback. I’m actually thrilled to hear you’ll be doing backstage banter/chat videos, it’s not just the top quality production but all of your awesome personalities that makes you guys a hit.

1 year ago

With the amended changes you’ve made we’ll get a great show – although, whatever you lads produce is always top quality! Looking forward to the Livestream BatReps. There are a couple of other channels doing them but I haven’t felt that they’ve been that engaging overall. TT however, with all of your charisma and technical know-how, I really think you guys will take the livestream format to another level. However, the biggest thing I am looking forward to will be backstage content (damn you and blast, I thought this post was a Backstage Video! 😄) But learning more about TT,… Read more »

1 year ago

Awesome stuff, thank you to the whole team for adding some joy to this incredibly challenging year and STILL managing to take feedback onboard and refine the content. If I may take this opportunity to make three requests, of varying practicality. 1, I’m not sure if this is just an interim covid thing, but I miss the old view of the armies pre-game. Having them on the shelf-terrain in front of camera while you talked about them was great for visualization. I appreciate going back to that may not be possible, but if there’s a way to preview the armies… Read more »

Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell(@peter-mitchell)
1 year ago

As a Brit that has spent 3 years living in Latin language-based France, I can pass on my learning experience that “compliment” has a quite different meaning to “complement” when written down 😉

1 year ago

Some great ideas, showing that you all are truly the kings of Battle Reports. I just wanted to praise you all on the hard work and dedication you pour into these, it really shows. You all are adding a LOT of extra work for yourselves with the new format, but it is well worth it and does not go unnoticed. Thanks again for being awesome!

jacob simmons
jacob simmons(@jacob-simmons)
1 year ago

I’m excited to see a live stream!!!! One other thing I’m interested in if you end up doing live streams would be something like “Cooking with the Chef” of “Scheming with the Spider” where a member sits down with the chat and explains a competitive list they’ve built or are building or answers questions/hatch new ideas with the chat.

1 year ago

Lawrence and the team – keep up the great work. No. 1 in the world for content and quality. What I like best- even though you’re getting bigger and better, you still listen to the feedback, take it on board and adapt accordingly. That’s why you’re going from strength to strength 👍🏻

1 year ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back the old handheld camera. I know it’s a really common style now, but the pulled-back camera setups with the whole table visible make it really hard for me to follow what’s going on, especially since my eyesight is starting to succumb to the entropy of Nurgle 😁

cc snags
cc snags(@cc-snags)
1 year ago

one change I would make is make sure that all the team members understand that the double T sound is like that of the letter D. this is the most universally understood pronunciation of battalion and I think you are doing a disservice to your viewers who have a hard time understanding the hard T sound in that word.

Every hard T is a wound off the warlord

michael wells
michael wells(@michaelwells551)
1 year ago

Yeah all what you are doing is amazing. Agreed a live version of your games would be epic, especially with the banter involved. To be honest, I just think over all hobby aspect that you guys bring is what keeps me checking the site on an hourly basis for your next videos. I love the prematch list brake downs with the pretty new models, the human banter through the bat reps, the easily understandable setup breakdowns with description and camera angles, and the hints and tips you share allows me to basically learn the rules of 9th without even having… Read more »

1 year ago

It’s amazing how much you guys keep improving, even after the massive Overhaul with the new studio, overlays and notes during the game!
I’m looking forward to the new new style of battle reports on top of the already new 1 hour reports! Only sore spot for me, and really only me, is the new way of talking about Lists. It still transmits your opinions and tactics, but can i really be blamed that i miss a good Chef rant from time to time, be it about his own or his enemies over the top units.

Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman(@chris-coleman)
1 year ago

Good stuff guys

1 year ago

Really enjoyed the new style of bat rep. Really enjoy the old style of bat rep. No matter what you put out it’ll be watched 👌 keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of the Christmas!

Colin OB
Colin OB(@rinzler)
1 year ago

Love all your guys content regardless! Keep up the great work I absolutely look forward to the videos you guys push out.

Only request is kharn and the world eaters in the crusade story 🤓

The Hammer
The Hammer(@filip_cekic)
1 year ago

Awesome news, honestly very happy and might even say relieved to hear the shooting style is not changing 🙂 all the other changes and upgrades have been beyond awesome! Can’t wait to see more of you guys and the best batreps on the web 🙂

1 year ago

Hyped for some live streams. Youtube or twitchtv?.
Now you just need a discord channel to spam emotes in 🙂

Samuel Aster
Samuel Aster(@sinthoras)
1 year ago

I really love these new formats and battlereport formats. Especially with showing the movement phase and the banter between you 😀 but i have to say something that might annoy you because i often say it^^ a few days ago i found a screenshot from i think 3 years ago in which you were talking about AoS and how it will be a big part of the year. but well 3 years passed since then. i know you often said it in the backstage videos that you are working on armies etc.and your channel is 99% 40k. i just wish… Read more »

1 year ago

Fantastic news!! Thanks for listening to people’s concerns and adapting to keep the Run ‘N’Gun camera style.

Todd Falk
Todd Falk(@todd-falk)
1 year ago

Bring back the dice boxes, you used for original lockdowns. I liked the clarity of the 2 boxes, and LACK of cocked dice, lost dice, and other chaos of rolling dice on the battlefield.

Jason Sutton
Jason Sutton(@jasonsutton)
1 year ago

Very excited for the channel and 2021! Also can not wait for the Flesh Tearers to hit the table and fight the World Eaters. My god it’ll be beautiful.

Michael 'The Scorpion'
Michael 'The Scorpion'(@michael-dickson)
1 year ago

Is it possible to have a third crew member in the room purely for filming or is that logistically impractical with all the surrounding work required/not COVID compliant? 🤔

1 year ago

Good news! I look forward to what’s coming, especially this backstage shenanigans😂

1 year ago

Love what you do!! A perfect mix of people and content. The new format will be perfect for Tactica! No camera to hold, no narration to think about . Just a player and his army, bringing the A game…

1 year ago

Thanks, Spider. I look forward to the new shows and live streams…especially the ones full of banter and shenanigans!

1 year ago

Great news Spider, thanks! Looking forward to getting seeing all these new juicy shows unfold! HNY to all the crew when you get there!!

1 year ago

soon to be regular Backstage
Is it wrong to be more excited about this then the toy soldiers??

Adam Doughty
Adam Doughty(@kukuzumusu)
1 year ago

It’s doing the same to me. Must be the cold weather or one of the Spiders dastardly schemes…

Paul Cross
Paul Cross(@paul-cross)
1 year ago

Boss! 👍

Justin Payne
Justin Payne(@justin-payne)
1 year ago

It will not play for
Me? But the latest battle report did