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Whilst generally geared for melee, Orks can build strong shooting or hybrid lists as well. With units that are generally independent of each other, you can often rely on each unit to pull their own weight, letting you overwhelm parts of the board with separate units.


Pros and Cons Go to Contents

  • Wide variety of models to fulfill different roles
  • Strong melee and shooting, with a mix of sheer power and weight of numbers
  • Some powerful combat characters for their cost
  • Fantastic spread of Vehicles with both good firepower and melee
  • Great models and design, with almost limitless scope for conversions and schemes
  • Reliant on innate toughness or rules for survivability, with low Svs across the board.
  • Morale can be a real issue for many units, often dictating army builds.
  • Certain units are too costly for their purpose, especially if compared to other units internally, making them seldom used.
  • Whilst synergies across Characters and Units exist, they are often negligible or hard to align.

Tactica Primer Back to Contents

Here are some key points to remember when reading this Primer, mainly to save it being typed out every time. Don’t forget that this presumes you have the Codex, so some basic things may not be explained here.

Any of the rules discussed below apply only to ORKS models with the same <CLAN> Keyword, so no overlapping or crossing of Auras (no GOFFS Auras or powers affecting EVIL SUNZ units, for example). There are occasional exceptions that will affect all ORKS units, these will be called out. 

Some common shorthand terms found throughout-

  • X++ means an invulnerable save
  • X+++, or ‘shrug’, ‘Feel No Pain’ or ‘Ignore Damage roll’ depending on how you’re feeling, means it is a dice roll to ignore each point of damage, which is taken after any failed saves.
  • ‘6s explode’ essentially translates to ‘An unmodified 6 to Hit does an additional hit’, so read that as ‘Does 2 Hits instead of 1’. Per the Core Rules, anything that might also happen on a 6 to hit (such as auto-wounding) does not apply to the additional hit, only the original. 
  • ‘First turn of combat’ means any rules that trigger when you Charge, are Charged, or Heroically Intervene. 
  • ‘Deep Strike’ essentially means the unit can be placed into Reinforcements and arrive more than 9” away from enemy units.
  • ‘Infiltrate’ or something on those lines means the unit can be deployed anywhere on the table over 9” away from enemy models and the enemy deployment zone, instead of deploying normally.

Detachment Rules Back to Contents

If your Detachment is Battle-Forged (which will be most armies) and only has ORKS units in it. 

  • Your TROOPS get Objective Secured, unless they’re a weedy little Grot. Fairly standard, Orks can flood the board with bodies if they so choose, and even small squads can take a bit of shifting with their T5.
  • Specialist Ladz are certain units that can be included in any ORK Detachment without removing their Kultur, though they don’t get their own Kultur unless its specifically their CLAN Detachment. These will be noted in the Datasheet section.
  • Every CLAN unit gets a Clan Kultur, explained further below
  • I’m da Boss! – Your standard “1 of the big leader Characters” rule, preventing you from having more than 1 WARBOSS or SPEEDBOSS in a Detachment. These are not mutually exclusive, so no you can’t have a Wartrike and a Warboss in the same detachment. 

Every CLAN unit gains a Kultur, depending on the Detachment they are in, granting them unique abilities, as well as a Warlord Trait. Should your WARLORD have the associated Kultur, you are also eligible to have the Relic and Stratagem too.

Kultur- No Mukkin' About

6s explode in combat, and +1 Str when they Charge or Heroically Intervene, makes for a simple yet effective melee trait, letting your units reach very lofty heights in terms of combat output. Obviously better returns if you go melee heavy, however even if not built around, this can stack up over time, and can be useful to give your less melee inclined units a bit of an edge.

Warlord Trait- Proper Killy

+1A, and melee attacks are at an extra -1AP. Makes the already great Ork melee Characters even stronger, and helps them make even more of a mess of units in combat. Ghazghkull has this, as he is the killiest of them all.

Stratagem- Unbridled Carnage

A CORE or CHARACTER turns their exploding 6s into exploding 5s, which is a huge boost in effectiveness, be it for massed attacks or a few big ones. At 2CP regardless of who you use it on it is pricey, and you do have to declare this at the start of the Fight Phase, making it a bit less reactive than it probably should be, so it’s not something to be used all the time, or without at least having some semblance of a plan as to who would be attacking first (given you can’t use it on another unit elsewhere as “backup”).

Relic- Da Irongob

Before Consolidating, an enemy unit within 1” takes D3 Mortal Wounds on a 2+. Note this is not Engagement Range, so you can’t select a unit that is above you but not within 1” on ground floor. It’s fine, and a reliable source of some Mortals, albeit fairly limited in application.

Kultur- Armed to da Teef

Your Dakka and Heavy Weapons get +6” Range, and 6s to Wound with all Ranged attacks are at -1AP. With the sheer amount of shooting Orks can bring this can help drown out the foe in massed shots, or enhance their already potent bigger weaponry, all at greater range. The main issue with this Kultur is, more than others, you have to build around it, as it offers minimal advantage to melee units, or those few with Pistols and Assault weapons. It can still be helpful, but it’s not quite as much of a force multiplier as other Kulturs can be for more hybrid armies.

Warlord Trait- Da Best Armour Teef Can Buy

+1 to Armour Saves and a 4++, making this a decent defensive relic. Don’t waste it on models with Mega Armour, as they can take a Relic which does a similar thing, though could be funny for a technical 0+ Sv. Instead use this on a Character that would otherwise not have an Invulnerable, or is expecting to only fight 0AP units, as at best this will give your non-Mega Armoured Bosses a 3+/4++.

Stratagem- Showin’ Off

When a CORE or CHARACTERS get exploding 6s with their Dakka weapons. Whilst a bit limited, at only 1CP it can help tack on some extra output to units packing lots of firepower like Warbikes or Lootas.

Relic- Da Gobshot Thunderbuss

Turns a Kustom Shoota into a 2D6 Heavy Flamer. 18” Range via the Kultur don’t forget, so this has a pretty substantial range, and autohitting can help add on a bit of extra firepower from a support oriented Character, but overall not the most exciting of Relics.

Kultur- Red Ones Go Fasta

All your models get +1” Mv, +2” if they’re SPEED FREEKS, +1 to Advance Rolls, and ignore the penalty for Advancing with Assault Weapons. The speed boosts are nice for all units, though the Assault Weapon benefit won’t come up all that often due to the generally small range of Assault weapons in the army that roll to hit, but those that do benefit are often quite powerful (usually Kustom-blasta type weapons). Not the most offensive of traits, but will help you close the gap or go for Objectives that little bit better.

Warlord Trait- Fasta Than Youz

Lets a CORE unit within 6” in the Command Phase to Charge even if they Advance or Fall Back that turn. Good for maximising your speed boosts, or aren’t in a Waagh!!, as well as the flexibility of the Fall Back/Charge letting you pick targets or just reactivating Fight First. Limited by the CORE Keyword and range, but a strong Trait to have.

Stratagem- Drive By Dakka

A SPEED FREEKS unit can make a Normal Move at the end of the Shooting Phase, at the expense of Charging that turn. Great for board control, putting pressure on, or getting out of Line of Sight. Doesn’t affect a huge swathe of units, but the ones it does will appreciate the benefit, and also note you don’t need to have shot either, so you can use this even if out of range should you be in an advantageous position to move further.

Relic- Rezmekka’s Redder Paint

Adds a further +2” to the bearers Mv, and makes any units within Engagement Range Fight Last. The Mv boost is nice, but the Fight Last is fantastic. One of the few Relics usable on a VEHICLE as well, which when combined with the Wartrikes large base and already boosted Mv, makes him exceptionally fast and a great utility unit to support combats, or give him the edge in one.

Kultur- Da Old Ways

Str7 and lower weapons can’t wound you on better than an unmodified 4+, and your SQUIG units get +1 to Wound if they Charge or Heroically Intervene. On paper this sounds great for the survivability boost, but your toughness is already quite high, and so it’s only helping vs Str 6 and 7 Weapons, or Str 7 Weapons in the case of most of your Vehicles. The Squig bonus is nice for the 3-4 units that can use it, and makes them even scarier in melee, but in general the bonuses are surprisingly limited. Almost as if the initial knee jerk of them being broken was unfounded…

Warlord Trait- Surly as a Squiggoth

On death, the Warlord stands back up with D3 Wounds remaining on a 4+. It’s fine, and can be great on a beefy Warlord already tough to take down, but its only 50/50, and with a low heal too boot. Depending on when they die as well, it can be easy to finish them off once again. Best off just not dying in the first place, and taking better Traits to facilitate that. Mozrog has this, what with being the crotchetiest Ork in town.

Stratagem- Mystic Chanting

A unit can attempt to Deny once in your opponent’s Psychic Phase, as if they were a Psyker. It’s fine, but as it’s just a normal Deny, a high cast can be tricky to stop. Useful to have, but by no means essential to use unless it’s a crucial power and the chance is better than just letting them have it.

Relic- Brogg’s Buzzbomb

A beehive on a stick, which alone makes it the greatest Relic of all time. A once per game 3D6 Grenade that always hits on 2s, with Blast and Str 5 -1 D1. After its finished, every unit within 6” of the enemy takes a Mortal Wound (so them as well). It has a 6” Range, so don’t throw it if you’re on 1 Wound, you’ll die (which admittedly is hilariously Orky). It’s a fun Relic, but by no means essential or realistically viable, as you have anti horde type attacks for days.

Kultur- Lucky Blue Gitz

You can reroll a Hit or Wound roll each time you Fight or Shoot, a 5+++ vs Mortal Wounds, and all your INFANTRY gain ObSec. A trio of nice abilities, with the rerolls helpful for your bigger hitting weapons like Rokkits or Klaws, the 5+++ offering decent support vs the plethora of Mortals out there, and the bonus ObSec whilst only useful for some units does allow you to play Objectives a bit more effectively. Depending on how you’re looking to build your army, some parts may not be that useful, but it’s a good spread of abilities if you’re looking for a “generalist” style army.

Warlord Trait- Opportunist

The Warlord can ignore Look Out Sir if within 12”, and also generates a CP if an enemy VEHICLE is destroyed within 6” of them. Ork shooting generally isn’t scary enough nor accurate enough to make Characters sweat (outside of a lucky and dangerously close Shokk Attack Gun Mek), and the CP regen whilst nice and indeed one of the few ways to get CP back in an Ork army, is fairly niche and likely won’t come up all that often. It’s an ok trait, but not one to really worry about taking.

Stratagem- Wreckaz

Gives a CORE or CHARACTER +1 to Wound when attacking a VEHICLE, either in Shooting or Fighting. Needs to be declared at the start of a phase, and costs 2CP, so whilst it is a powerful ability, you’ll need to decide who is going to use it accordingly. For some units it’s not so difficult (say Tankbustas), but if you have multiple units able to target one, you can’t “bank” it for later use in case you don’t need it in the first instance. It’s potent however, and can make even humble Shootas threaten tanks in a pinch.

Relic- Da Fixer Upperz

A MEK or BIG MEK heals an extra wound with their Mekaniak ability on a 2+, and they then inflict D3 Mortals on an enemy VEHICLE within 12”. It’s fairly middling in terms of use, and whilst the damage output is nice it’s pretty short ranged, though not required for the extra heal if that’s what you’re mainly needing. 

Kultur- Taktiks

You get Light Cover when attacked from over 18” away, and units can Fall Back and Charge or Shoot. Given the smaller board sizes, the first part doesn’t help a huge amount past turn 1 outside of some fringe instances in later turns  but the second part is great. Whilst only able to choose one offensive option, being able to use your units with greater choice and flexibility. Whilst many units might not survive dedicated melee to use the rule, it offers the option should they do, and particularly if they get tagged. Think carefully about which option you’ll choose, though for many units they’ll lend themselves more to certain uses (a unit of Tankbustas shooting over charging back in, for example).

Warlord Trait- I’ve Got a Plan Ladz!

Lets you redeploy up to 3 units, of any kind, after finishing deployment. Not as strong as other redeploy abilities, as they are done after knowing who has the first turn, whereas this is done before the roll off. Still useful however to give you an edge should you get counter deployed, or to give you breathing room if your opponent places lots of chaff down first and forces you to deploy more important units before theirs. Can also be used to put units into Strategic Reserves for no CP, giving you some flexibility when it comes to using units.

Stratagem- Ded Sneaky

Puts a non-MEGA ARMOUR INFANTRY unit that is within 3” of a board edge at the end of your Movement Phase into Strategic Reserve. Cheap at 1CP, and depending on the unit it can be cheaper to do this rather than off the Good to get out dangerous situations, or to skirt round the board for a later turn ploy. Can be useful to force your opponent to move in order to screen out the unit coming back, depending on its threat.

Relic- Morgog’s Finkin Cap

Grants you a CP on a 4+ at the start of your Command Phases. A pretty decent Relic, and Orks can occasionally be CP starved depending on build. There are generally better Relics, but if you’re finding yourself a bit too low on CP for your liking, this isn’t a bad shout, especially since it will, on average, pay for itself and net you at least 1-2 more CP in a game. Another VEHICLE allowed Relic, so not a bad pick for a Wartrike if other Relics aren’t viable for you.

Critical Mass Codex Supplement - Coming Soon!

Kultur- Competitive Streak

When an enemy unit is destroyed, all your other units get +1 to Hit for the rest of the phase. Orks often have powerful ranged weaponry but lack the accuracy to make them work, so this is a potent tool to offset that, in addition to improving their already potent melee. The main issue is getting this to activate in time, as you might not get the kill you want to make the rest of your army better, or it happens towards the end of a phase and thus affects fewer units than you’d like. It’s a great bonus, but does lend itself better units that are already good to activate it- various buggies with their innate boosts to hit, or Grot units are useful here (As Grotz do have the CLAN Keyword and can activate it, they just don’t benefit from it themselves). If an opportunity presents itself to really get it working (a lone Guardsmen staring down the barrel of a Warbosses Kombi-shoota), then by all means go for it, just don’t hinge a plan on it, rather use it as a nice boost when it occurs. It can be argued that the bonus stacks, to offset any minuses, though it’s not really meant to work like that, and people tend to ignore the whole “same rules/abilities don’t stack thing”.

Warlord Trait- Killa Reputation

Enemies within 3” are -1 Ld and Combat Attrition, and friendlies within 6” are +1 Ld. Both are fine enough traits, though the minor differences they make won’t be felt often. Forcing slightly tougher Morale on enemies is fine, but units should ideally be destroyed on contact, and the Ld buff for your units is generally not going to make the difference to passing or failing on big units. Badrukk has this, what with being a pirate.

Stratagem- Get Da Loot

At the start of your Command Phase, give an INFANTRY unit ObSec until your next Command Phase. A solid on tap granting of ObSec can help wrest an Objective back under your control, or help you move onto one to deny it. Remember Primary is scored at the end of your Command Phase, so an enemy unit moving in to deny or contest an Objective can suddenly find their ploy doing nothing.

Relic- Da Badskull Banna

Grants a 6” that turns off ObSec for enemy units. A powerful ability that can swing a game, denying your opponent opportunities for Primary points they thought they might have had. Can be taken on VEHICLES, which given their big base sizes makes this even more threatening.

Specialist Mobs Back to Contents

One unit in an ORK Detachment can be made a SPECIALIST MOB, replacing their CLAN Keyword with the ones below, as well as gaining SPECIALIST MOB. Doesn’t cost any points, but it will lock you out of any Kultur rules as well as most Auras and abilities as they are CLAN locked. Given their one per Detachment as well, these are fairly limited, but can be useful if there is a rule which would be more useful than a Clan Kultur (be wary of FREEBOOTERS, as they won’t trigger the +1 to Hit), and there is minimal interaction to be lost by not getting an Aura. Many CHARACTERS are eligible for these as well, but remember as it replaces the CLAN Keyword, you could suddenly find yourself effectively removing their abilities, as they might not affect other units, so plan accordingly.

For: Burna Boyz, Burna-bommers, Snazzwagons, Boosta-blastas, Wartrikes and Warbosses. 

Flamer esque weapons do a minimum of 3 hits. This is vs any target, making it handy in a pinch against more elite targets, but in general this makes a unit reliable at anti-horde…which Orks have in spades anyways. It’s fine, being more useful on large mobs or a triple Snazzwagon unit than a Character with their single flamer.

For: Big Meks, Deffkoptas, Meks, Nobs, Tankbustas, Wagons and Warbosses.

Blast weapons get an extra AP, which will generally push the weapons into the AP 3 or 4 levels, hitting much harder against their prefered targets. Great on a unit that has a dedicated task of busting Vehicles Monsters or heavy elite units, and that won’t get much use from a Kultur (Tankbustas in a Goffs army, for example)

For: Aircraft and Deffkoptas

The unit gets Light Cover against attacks from more than 6” away. Putting these units to a 3+ Sv can help them against lighter fire, though not so much against dedicated anti-anti tank. For the Aircraft this is often better for them when compared to the Kulturs, especially for Goffs and Blood Axes (as neither helps them).

For: Mega Armour units, Nauts, and Deff Dreads

+1 to Hit in Melee is a powerful boost for these units, especially for Mega Armour Nobz to offset their downside. However a Warboss nearby can offer the same benefit and still lets them benefit from Kulturs. Where this is mainly useful is on either of the Nauts in an Auxiliary Detachment. As they can’t get the benefit of a Kultur anyways, you may as well give them this, as the requirement to give a Specialist Mob is just to have at least one normal ORKS Detachment.

For: Bikers, Cavalry, Characters or Mobs

Gives a random effect at the start of each Battle Round, either 6” Pile Ins, rerolling a single Hit or Wound each phase, or +1 Str. It’s fine, but not reliable, and melee only. Not useful for the melee Kulturs, but good to give a combat boost to a unit in a more shooty army (a unit of Boyz with Sluggas and Choppas would probably prefer this over Bad Moonz, for example).

For: Boyz, Kommandos, Nobs (not Meganobz) and Warbosses. 

Get an extra AP in melee when attacking units that are getting cover. It’s pretty niche and won’t come up often, there will be more generally useful traits to take from the Kulturs. Again it will be dependant on what the unit in question is doing, such as Bad Moonz Kommandos, depending on load out.

For: Boyz, Nobz (not Meganobz) and Warbosses

The unit can disembark after a TRUKK they are on makes a Normal Move, and also grants the TRUKK itself +1 to Hit with their Shooting. The second bit isn’t so useful, only affecting a Big Shoota, but being able to Disembark after moving is a powerful ability indeed, letting the unit threaten a larger swathe of the battlefield than normal, be it for combat or Objectives.

For: Gretchin CORE

Grants ObSec, and a 3” Aura of -1 to Hit to all units except RUNTHERDS, so keep them away from your own lines, especially ranged units. Can be useful to send into the enemy lines to cause them the negative, but they’re only Grots, so getting them there can be easier said than done. If no other Specialist Mobs are being used and you have some Grots, you may as well for the ObSec, just be careful of placement to avoid the -1.

Kustom Jobs Back to Contents

Your paid upgrade rules, giving you extra rules for VEHICLES or the MEK type units. Each unit can only have one Kustom Job, but there’s no limit to how many you can have in an army, though each one is unique and can’t be taken twice in the same army.

You can only take these on units of one, so for the SPEED FREEKS buggies you’re a bit more restricted given their existing limit, either deciding between an upgrade which may or may not be worthwhile, or a larger unit. 

Da Booma

Makes a Killkannon get an extra D6 shots and +12” Range. For 15pts it’s not bad, but with your BS5 you’re not hitting all that much anyways.

Fortress on Wheels

A 5++ for a WAGON or TRUKK is a nice survivability boost. 20pts regardless of who it’s on, the Wagons will get more mileage by virtue of their higher T and W, though still useful if you have a single Trukk you’re looking to use as a missile, especially if loaded with Trukk Boyz that you want to help get closer. Generally the best upgrade for a WAGON.

Gyroscopic Whirlygig

A DRAGSTA ignores the Mortal Wounds it takes on teleporting. For 10pts its not expensive, and useful to not worry about it at all, but the Mortals were already a low concern giving how often they happen.

More Dakka

Before shooting, roll a D6, getting +1 Shots with all their Dakka weapons on a 4-5, or 2 extra shots on a 6. Costs 15pts on a Vehicle with PL 9 or less, or double otherwise, making this fairly expensive given the general limits and power of Dakka weapons on certain models. Remember its +1/2 shots, so on something like a Gorkanaut, 1 extra shot on its Mega-shoota isn’t all that special for 30pts. On a Dakkajet with 6 Supa-shootas however, it can be very powerful.

Nitro Squigs

A SQUIGBUGGY gets +1 to Wound with both its Squig Launchas. Squigbuggies are already strong, but at 25pts and only having a single unit makes this a big ask, depending on how many you’re looking to use them. For a single Buggy, if you have the points, the extra punch can really help it deal with even more targets.

Red Rolla

Lets a BONEBREAKA get 3+D3 extra attacks on the charge, instead of D6. Reliability is always good, however you can only really expect maybe 2 charges in a game with them, so at 20pts it might not always be the best. The main issue is it competes with Fortress, which helps you both get there and stay there. 

Shokka Hull

Inflicts D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+ to any units that attack the VEHICLE in melee. Handy on anything you’re expecting to hit melee to act as a bit of a deterrent, and is quite nice on a Wartrike to give them some extra punch, especially given their lack of Melee Relics. A 50/50 isn’t the most reliable however, and it’s the same cost as More Dakka above, so whilst it might be tempting on a Wagon or Naut, 30pts is a big ask for a chance to do a couple of Mortals.

Souped-up Speshul

A SNAZZWAGON turns their Mek Speshul into Dakka 16/12. An extra 2 shots for 10pts isn’t a bad upgrade, though the Snazzwagon is already on the costly side for its output, so it’s not really a necessary upgrade.

Squig-hide Tyres

Non WALKER/AIRCRAFT VEHICLES only, giving them +1” Mv and a further +2” Mv when they Advance. At 15pts, it’s a pretty costly upgrade for minimal impact, especially since there is no way to get your Vehicles advancing and charging.

Stompamatic Pistons

Gives a DREAD or NAUT model +3” Mv and +1” to Advance. Great on a NAUT to help them get into combat quicker, but at a hefty 30pts for them it’s a tough ask. Likewise 15pts on a lone Deff Dread isn’t exactly an appealing spend. The Advance can sometimes be useful but again with no way to Advance and charge it’s only really useful if guns and combat are out of range or line of sight for that turn.

Bionik Oiler

Lets a Grot Oiler be used twice per game instead of once. This does make the Oiler triple its base cost however, and realistically healing an additional wound an extra time per game is not really worth it, given Ork Vehicles will likely have been destroyed already, or will be far away from the Mek in question to make it worthwhile. Pass.

Enhanced Runt Sucker

Makes a Shokk Attack Gun 2D3 Shots instead of D6. Reliability is nice, but if that’s what you’re after why are you using a Shokk Attack Gun, and at 15pts it’s a fairly pricey upgrade on an already pricey model. If you have them spare, fine, but not really something to incorporate in the first stages.

Extra-Kustom Weapon

Gives an extra shot to a Kustom-Slugga or Blasta wielded by a BIG MEK, MEK or Spanner. These already throw out a bunch of shots anyways, so more isn’t a bad thing, the main issue is it therefore increases the odds of wounding yourself, and for 10pts it’s not really necessary.

Smoky Gubbinz

BURNAS or LOOTAS can get Light Cover, provided they Remain Stationary. For 1pt a model it’s not that expensive, but Light Cover on a unit with a 6+ isn’t exactly good, and needing to stay still is often not that useful.


The alternative for the BURNAS or LOOTAS is to give them bit of combat punch, inflicting an additional Mortal Wound on 6s in Melee. A tad more expensive for 2pts a model, but can be quite decent, especially given the good base attacks of Orks, coupled with a Waaagh, though has more value on Burnaz by their nature of being far more likely to see combat than the longer ranged Lootas.

Stratagems Back to Contents

In 9th there are now sub-categories of Stratagems, essentially giving them a Keyword that has interactions with certain rules. It won’t come up all that often, just something to look out for.

Orks have an interesting choice of Stratagems, in that they are quite few (when compared to other armies), generally quite specific in who they affect, and often quite expensive. Which is frankly the way Stratagems should be, but alas here we are. There are some good ones buried here however, and often have quite a utility or defensive bent, rather than the offense you’d expect from Orks. 

  • Careen!- Lets a friendly make a Normal Move of up to 6” when it VEHICLE explodes. As it’s resolved before the explosion, this can be used to get a tank out of your lines, saving units from Mortal Wounds, offensively to try and hurt enemy units, or even to ensure units inside can get out in a more favourable position, such as out of Line of Sight. Can’t be used in melee, but fine, and costs more for WAGONS and TITANICS due to their more powerful boom.
  • Get Stuck in Ladz!- A BOYZ unit gets a 6” Pile In and Consolidate for a Fight Phase, letting you get extra pressure on be it in terms of attacks, Objective nabbing or tagging other units. Does cost 2CP on units of 11+ models, so not the cheapest, and as it only affects the two Troop units, it’s not hugely applicable, but can be useful on smaller mobs if used for the Objective or tagging purposes.
  • Ramming Speed- Any VEHICLE makes a 3D6 charge, and does D3 Mortals on a 2+ to one enemy unit it finishes in Engagement Range with. You still have to be within 12” to declare the charge, but with an average of 10” on 3D6, not accounting for ‘Ere We Go, does make a long charge quite reliable. The Mortal Wounds are icing on the cake, helping to soften or finish something off on the way in. Not cheap at 2CP, so use on a unit that will hit hard, or needs to make a charge that will help deny or hold up enemy units (blocking lanes or tagging units for example)
  • Gun Crazy Show Offs- A unit of FLASH GITZ shoots again at the end of the Shooting Phase, but has to target the nearest unit. Restrictive in use and costly at 2CP, however a unit of Flash Gitz can hit pretty hard, so if you get them into position against a favourable target they can wreak some fairly significant damage.
  • Hit ‘Em Harder- A MEGANOBZ unit gets +1 Dmg with their Power Klaws or Killsawz for a Fight Phase. Not always useful depending on targets, but being able to have greater damage on tap can help them when going after particularly hard targets, or thus with Damage reduction. As with other Ork Stratagems, not cheap at 2CP, but can make all the difference on the right targets. 
  • Tough as Squig-Hide- A non-VEHICLE BEAST SNAGGA unit can only be wounded on 4s or more. As with Transhuman, this ignores any rules or modifiers that the attacking unit might have, so it’s useful to offset those. Yet again another 2CP Stratagem, regardless of size of the unit, so try to use this on a key unit, or one liable to be taking tons of high strength firepower.
  • Breakin’ Heads- If a non-GRETCHIN unit within 3” of a WARBOSS or NOBZ unit fails Morale, then they can take D3 Mortal Wounds to pass instead. Much ike Insane Bravery at 2CP, and does come with the gamble of maybe passing on a 1, to take damage and pass instead. If failure will likely result in more than 4 deaths, or if even 3 Mortals won’t kill the unit but keep them around to do something, the guarantee is handy to have. This can also be done multiple times per game, but really you shouldn’t. 
  • Orks Is Never Beaten!- Your usual “Fight with a CHARACTER on death” ability, costing 2CP and needing them not to have already fought. Works on the Kill Rig, what with it being a Character, though it must use it’s bottom profile, and its not quite clear whether this is used before or after rolling for Explodes (err on the side of caution and roll for the Explode first, like other units with this kind of rule). Given many of your Characters are strong beatsticks, this can help if you opponent gets the jump on you, hopefully so you can take something with you.
  • Da Bigger Dey Iz…- A BEAST SNAGGA WARBOSS, for 2CP, gets +2 Damage in the Fight Phase, vs TITANIC units. Very limited in application, so this will rarely see use, and even if you got a Squigosaur into melee with a Knight and use this, you could do some hefty damage but still unlikely to kill it outright, so don’t think this is anywhere near an auto win button.
  • Extra Gubbinz- The standard “Have another Relic” Stratagem. Ork Relics are generally pretty decent, but there’s not many of them, and you’ll often not have many dedicated melee characters to wield the really good ones due to the limits on Boss-level HQs, so you might not always need to look at this depending on the Relics you have available for the Characters you have.
  • Big Boss- Give another CHARACTER a Warlord Trait, which can be useful especially for some of the more support oriented Traits. Again, the Boss limitations do mean you might not be using this all that often, though it can lead to some pretty nasty combinations of beatsticks if you’re willing to invest the CP.
  • Tide of Muscle- A non-GRETCHIN CORE unit ignores all charge modifiers for a phase. Useful to bypass Difficult Ground or as a counter or preempt to any enemy abilities. Used when you select the unit, so depending on the opponent’s rule, they may either end up wasting CP, or have the option to not use it at all, so consider this. If it helps ensure the charge however, it’s CP well spent. 
  • Unstoppable Momentum- If a NOB ON SMASHA SQUIG finishes a Charge Move with no enemy units within Engagement Range (ie he runs them all over), he can immediately Charge again. Very niche and unlikely to come up, though quite amusing when it does, especially against already very wounded units or Characters so you can go off and threaten something else.
  • Grot Shields- At the start of the enemy Shooting Phase, a unit of ORKS INFANTRY picks a non-CHARACTER GRETCHIN INFANTRY within 6” as shields, preventing enemy units from shooting them if the GRETCHIN unit is a closer visible target. Costly at 2CP, and needs you to have Grots, but can help a unit staring down the enemies guns, even if it just means firepower has to be diverted. As long as one Grot is alive the unit is protected, but just be wary of casualty removal. 
  • Tellyporta- During Deployment,puts a non-MONSTER ORKS unit (alas no Ghaz) with a PL of 20 or less into Deep Strike. Units embarked don’t count towards the PL, and barring a Stompa (or a NAUT with a 2PL Kustom Job), all units are eligible, giving you good flexibility and some deployment options. Can be used multiple times, but the 2CP will rack up quickly. Better used with a plan in mind, or get a “2-4-1 Special” with a WAGON stuffed with units
  • Lumbering Strides- Lets a NAUT or STOMPA reroll one of the dice for ‘Ere We Go, instead of both. Obviously pretty great if you roll a 6 and 1, but this will be dependent on your charge needed. In general, it’s not worth using unless you have a 5 or a 6 on one of the dice, and a 1 or a 2 on the other, and you need a long charge. In most circumstances however, rerolling both is the better option. 
  • Burn ‘Em All!- Use when a BURNA-BOMMER fires it’s Skorcha Missiles, doing an automatic Mortal Wound to all other units within 3”. Doesn’t affect the main target, does affect friendlies, and with a short range won’t generally be affecting much unless it’s a large screen or something surrounded by Characters. Can be useful to finish something off, or get another wound through on something particularly tough, but all told fairly niche.
  • Monster Hunterz- For 2CP, you pick an enemy VEHICLE or MONSTER, and give up to 3 BEAST SNAGGA units +1 to Wound it. Can be used in the Shooting Phase, so does have use there, but in general this will want to be reserved for Fighting as that is where the bulk of damage will come from. Of course it loses efficiency with less units benefiting from it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it if you and if you managed to have 3 units fighting a tank anyways, it was probably already in a spot of trouble.
  • Cuttin’ Flames- Gives a BURNA BOYZ unit AP -2 in melee. Doesn’t stack with any other AP boosting abilities (of which there are…none, of course) but helps give a nasty surprise to an enemy, and given how close Burnas need to be, combat is almost assured.
  • More Dakka!- All of an ORKS unit’s Dakka weapons count as being in half range for their number of shots. Will depend on the unit you use this on, as some will benefit far more than others. A unit of 9 Warbikers going from 54 shots to 90 is well worth 2CP. A unit of 10 Boyz going from 20 shots to 30, not so much. As the cost is flat regardless of unit or size, use this on the biggest and most dakka-ry units you have for maximum carnage. 
  • Cloud of Smoke- At the start of your opponent’s Shooting Phase, grant a SPEED FREEK VEHICLE a 6” bubble of -1 to Hit for SPEED FREEK VEHICLES for the whole phase. Not technically an Aura, so can’t be increased but also can’t be turned off. For 2CP it’s actually pretty cheap given the benefits it can provide to multiple units. Great on a Wartrike as they are a bit more protected from Shooting themselves, ensuring the benefit sticks around, but don’t neglect using on a 3 Buggy unit if it expands the range out to a large swathe of your army. Only affecting SPEED FREEK VEHICLES does limit it somewhat, but for protecting your already great Buggys, this is a great defensive buff.
  • Tankbusta Bomb- A TANKBUSTA BOMB unit can inflict 2D3 Mortal Wounds to a VEHICLE in melee, though at the cost of one of their model’s only making a single attack which still needs to hit. For 1CP it’s certainly handy to have though. 
  • Snagga Grapple- When an enemy unit tries to Fall Back from a SNAGGA BOY unit, on a 4+ they can’t. Given its cost and only affecting one unit type, there’s not a huge amount of use for this. Great when it happens, and can ruin and opponent’s game plan, but not worth relying on or really trying to do. 
  • Groundshaker Shells- An ‘Eavy Lobba (so basically only for the RIGZ) makes a non-FLY/TITANIC unit half Move and -2” to Advance and Charge for a turn, provided it hits. It’s a powerful debuff for only 1CP, but limited in both units and targets, as well as needing to hit (with a D6 shot weapon at BS5…) doesn’t make it something to hugely rely on.
  • Force Field Boosta- At the start of the opponent’s Shooting Phase, a model with a Kustom Force Field can overcharge it, making it 9” range and a 5++ instead of normal. It then turns off forever at the end of the turn. It’s a strong defensive buff if your Mek is in the right position, and the invulnerable boost carries over into the Fight Phase if you’re expecting lots of combat to happen so don’t forget that. Losing the Field for the rest of the game afterwards is a bit of a blow, but if timed well it can help ensure you have a lot more surviving than normal, giving you the time to cripple the enemy in return.

Warlord Traits Back to Contents

All CHARACTERS can have these ones. BEAST SNAGGAS and SPEED FREEKS have their own mini tables, but can still take these normal ones if they wish.

  1. Follow Me Ladz- Provided they’ve made a Charge Move this turn, all other ORKS get +1 to their Charge on any enemy units in Engagement with the CHARACTER. Pretty limited, as it helps with dogpiling a single unit and that’s about it. With ‘Ere We Go and the Waaagh!, making combat isn’t often that tricky for Orks that a +1 reliant on a Chracter going in first is necessary. Makari has this, hilariously. Guess waving a banner around makes for a good “here’s the fight get stuck in” marker.
  2. Big Gob- +3” to Auras, to a max of 9”. Most Ork Characters have either no Auras, no good or applicable Auras, or aren’t too worried about their Auras being longer range. Can be useful on a Painboss/Boy for a 6” aura on their 6+++, but not really worth the investment. Zagstruk has this, being so shouty. 
  3. ‘Ard As Nails- -1 to Wound the Character is a great defensive buff given their already high Toughness makes most weaponry wound them on 4s or 5s anyways. The in general low Svs for Orks is slightly more palatable if you only need to take 1 or 2 of them. Applies to both melee and ranged so will always be useful. Grotsnik has this, as he’s more machine than Ork now…
  4. Brutal But Kunnin’- Provided all their attacks go into the same target, after fighting the Character can make another attack for any that missed, failed to Wound, or was saved the first time round. Gives incredible reliability to a melee Character, giving them a buffer against any whiffs they have or lucky streaks the enemy has. Snikrot has this, being the sneaky git he is. 
  5. Kunnin’ But Brutal- Fight First. Whilst generally you should try and get the charge of course, it’s still a solid trait for a melee Character, helping dictate flow of combat should they get caught flatfooted, hit by any Strike Last effects, or if they Heroically Intervene.
  6. Might Is Right- +1 Str and Attack is a simple but effective in terms of melee improvement, however this is generally inferior to Brutal But Kunnin’, as that will generally give a greater number of extra attacks, and the Str is often wasted (going from Str 12 to 13 with a Klaw, for example). As a Trait for a secondary combat Character if Brutal is already in use, it’s pretty good however.
  1. Bigkilla Boss- +2A when in Engagement Range of a MONSTER or VEHICLE, +1 to Wound them in melee as well. Coupled with their built in +1 to Hit big things this makes them pretty reliable at taking down tanks and stuff in combat, but obviously outside of them it does nothing. Note you don’t have to allocate the extra attacks to them, you just need to be in combat with them, so occasionally in multiple combats you might just get angrier cos there’s a Rhino next to you. 
  2. Beastgob- Grants a 6” Aura that gives +1 Dmg to any Squig Jaw tye attacks. If you’ve a big group of Squigboyz joining up with a Boss on Squigosaur, they can threaten a hige amount of things with massive damage potential. Kill Rigs and Zodgrod have this, one by virtue of being a psychic beacon of bitey rage, the other I guess giving them stimulants.
  3. Half-chewed- The Character gets a 4+++ when in Engagement Range of a MONSTER or VEHICLE. Highly matchup dependent, as some of these targets wouldn’t threaten you in the first place that you’d need to use a 4+++, whilst others will hit so hard it won’t help you all that much. 
  1. Roadkilla- Inflicts D3 Mortal Wounds on a 2+ to an enemy unit they charged. Nice to have to do a bit of extra damage on the way in, though in an ideal world you should be using your speed to pick targets that you could kill without it anyways. Can be fun when paired with Ramming Speed to do a bunch of Mortals on the charge, but its a big investment.
  2. Get Up In Their Faces- Fall Back and Shoot is somewhat useful for the Wartrike given the plethora of guns it has, but as a VEHICLE it can shoot into melee anyways making this somewhat superfluous unless you really want to choose what you shoot. Its fine, but not the best in terms of offense.
  3. Junkboss- A flat 4++ is a nice defensive boost, especially when combined with their innate T and Ramshackle. The best of the 3 just as it will generally always see use, rather than the niche circumstances of the others.

Psychic Disciplines Back to Contents

 Powers marked with a * last until the start of your next Psychic Phase.

  1. ‘Eadbanger (WC 5)- An enemy unit within 18” takes D6 Mortal Wounds if you roll over their T on a D6. Can only kill one model however, so basically it is a good Character sniper, or to try and  especially on T3 units. Doesn’t need Line of Sight either, making it a semi useful “artillery” power.
  2. Warpath* (WC 6)- A CORE or CHARACTER within 18” gets +1 Attack. Good to enhance any unit that might need it, either giving a combat unit even more punch, or helping a more shooting unit get an edge. Will generally always be useful if you have units to benefit from it. If you’re only looking at using it on Characters, Fists might be better despite it’s greater restrictions.
  3. Da Jump (WC 7)- A CORE unit within 12” is immediately redeployed via Deep Strike. Good for Objective or Secondary purposes, getting into Line of Sight, getting out of combat and still shooting, or threatening a charge. The hardest power to cast though, so don’t make a plan that hinges on it, rather use it for the great utility it provides as and when needed.
  4. Fists of Gork* (WC 6)- A visible CHARACTER within 12” gets +2 Str and Attack, or +3 if you cast on an 11+. Turns the already powerful combat characters into truly monstrous fighters, and can help even your less choppy ones in a pinch. Needs some planning due to sight and range requirements, but can swing a fight massively in your favour on a big enough Boss. 
  5. Da Krunch (WC 6)- Roll D6 for each model in an enemy unit within 18”, doing a Mortal Wound for each 6, or for each 5+ if cast on a 9+. Decent for thinning the ranks of larger squads, though Orks can do that fairly well already. Doesn’t need Line of Sight so can help a bit there, but will not be inflicting massive damage outside of good rolls on large units. 
  6. Jabbin’ Fingerz* (WC 6)- A visible enemy unit within 18” suffers -1 to Hit. Applies to both melee and shooting, and with a low casting cost and decent range this is a good power to use at all opportunities. 

 Powers marked with a * last until the start of your next Psychic Phase.

  1. Roar of Mork* (WC 6)- The Psyker gets a massive 18” Aura, making enemy units in range -1 Ld and -2” to Advance and Charge rolls. A good defensive power, helping shut down a bit of mobility as well as getting caught off guard by enemy melee. The Ld debuff is neither here nor there, but can be occasionally useful for ranged elements to help cause morale. 
  2. Frazzle (WC 6)- Each enemy unit within 9” takes D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+. Needs your Psyker to be in the thick of it, making it pretty good on a Kill Rig lumbering forward, especially coupled with its big base. 
  3. Bitin’ Jawz (WC 6)- Draw an 18” line between you and a visible enemy model, inflicting 1 Mortal Wound to them and every other unit under the line. Could do a few wounds here and there, and being able to pick the model does mean you have a bit of flexibility, but realistically the “perfect” scenario of 5 or 6 units lined up for you will be rare.
  4. Spirit of Gork* (WC 6)- A SQUIG unit gets +1 Attack with their Jaw attacks, and unmodified 6s do +1 Mortal Wound in addition. On a big unit of Squighogs this can be pretty devastating, but don’t neglect its use on a Squigosaur just to get more damage potential from the already powerful beast.
  5. Beastscent* (WC 5)- An enemy unit with 18” (doesn’t need to be visible) can’t get cover when attacked by a BEAST SNAGGA unit. Obviously a bit limited given the SNAGGA Keyword, but turning of Light, Heavy and Dense cover for an enemy unit can be powerful if enough attacks are landing.
  6. Squiggly Curse (WC 7)- Pick an enemy unit within 12” and roll a D6 for each model in the unit (up to 6), doing a Mortal Wound for each 4+. If any models are destroyed, all other enemy units within 6” of the unit take a Mortal Wound as well. A reliable mortal wound power (averaging 3 on a unit with 6+ models), that has good splash potential, especially as it’s measured from the unit itself, not the model destroyed, making large screens particularly susceptible to spreading damage. Less useful on single models, though can still be helpful in a pinch if you can’t Smite that 1W Character…

None of these barring the Gitbonez can be taken by a VEHICLE, meaning your Wartrike will be limited to his base wargear or any Kultur specific Relics. 

  • Supa-Cybork Body- An INFANTRY model gets a 4++, as well as halving all Damage (remember you round up, so it’ll always be a min of 1). A great defensive boost, especially for non-WARBOSS Characters without an innate Invulnerable, though still good for them to make them even tougher. 
  • Headwoppa’s Killchoppa- A Big, Beast or ‘Uge Choppa becomes Power Klaw without the -1 that does an additional Mortal Wound on 6s to Wound. A good allround offensive relic, albeit not the most exciting.
  • Da Krushin’ Armour- A MEGA ARMOUR model gets a 4++, +1 to armour saves  and after charging an enemy unit in Engagement Range takes D3 Mortals on a 2+. A great defensive relic with a bit of offense thrown in, making the Character far more likely to stick around. The shoulder barge is handy, and might come up maybe once or twice a game, but it’s not the reason to take it. 
  • Da Killa Klaw- Makes a Power Klaw Ap-4 and Dmg3, and removes the -1 to Hit. A reliable and potent melee Relic, effectively ensuring only invulnerables will apply, and even then most things are dead and gone after only failing 2 saves.
  • Da Ded Shiny Shoota- Makes a Kustom Shoots Dakka 14/10, with +1 in Str AP and Dmg. A pretty potent ranged relic, which if used on a Mega Armoured Big Mek lets him lay down some fairly impressive firepower (for an Ork) thanks to his BS4. Not a bad secondary Relic, or if you only have a Wartrike as well and nothing to give him. 
  • Scorched Gitbonez- PSYKER only (including the Kill Rig), granting them +1 to cast Witchfires, and a 4+++ vs Mortals taken by Perils of the Warp. It’s fine, though the Witchfires aren’t amazing when compared to the buffing powers of the Ork Disciplines. Smite isn’t a Witchfire either, so no boosted super Smites for you.
  • Beasthide Mantle- Grants a BEAST SNAGGA +1 Attack and a 5+++. A great multi purpose relic, giving a bit of offensive punch as well as a solid defensive boost. If put on a Squigosaur Boss, and with potentially a defensive Warlord trait, can lead to one of the hardest Characters in the game to kill. 

Secondary Objectives Back to Contents

The following are available if you have a ORKS WARLORD when playing Matched Play or Grand Tournament Mission, with the usual restrictions (namely no using two from the same category), and you can only take one ORKS Secondary per game regardless of its category.

No Mercy, No Respite - Stomp ‘Em Good

Score 3VP at the end of each Battle Round provided more enemy units were destroyed in melee than non-GRETCHIN friendly units. If you killed at least 2, and it was more than double were lost, score and extra 1VP. This relies on a lot of factors, namely making combat, wiping units, and not dying in return. Realistically, you might be lucky if score around 6VP on this, with the bonus VP being even less likely to crop up. It will depend on the army match up, with predominantly shooting armies with small unit sizes being the ideal pick, but even then as it’s all melee based, getting 9 or more VP will be a hefty ask.

Purge the Enemy - Da Biggest and Da Best

Your WARLORD nets you 3VP at the end of each Battle Round for each of the following it achieved that Round (though its capped at 5VP per Round) – Destroyed a MONSTER or VEHICLE unit with a Melee Attack (one Ballistari isn’t going to cut it if another’s left alive), destroy a CHARACTER with a Melee Attack, and destroy 5 or more models with any attacks. It’s fine, but needs your WARLORD to be able to make it to combat with multiple big things, which isn’t always doable, or be able to make combat with units it can reliably kill at least 5 things from. Shooting can work here too, but realistically only Ghaz or a Wartike have shooting vaguely approaching good enough to do so, and even then that’s a massive ask. 6VP is probably a good estimate from this, depending on match up, with any more being a bonus.

Battlefield Supremacy - Green Tide

At the end of each Battle Round, score 3VP if you have an ORKS unit of 11+ models wholly within at least 2 different table quarters, or 5VP if you have a unit of 11+ models wholly within every table quarter. A weirder version of Engage On All Fronts which basically requires you to run massive units, or multiple units of 11ish models. The downsides are of course the numbers required, meaning as units get weakened they just can’t score you points. Depending on deployment map this can score relatively well and early on, depending on your army build. Realistically however, if you have the speed to get within other table quarters, Engage is probably better, as whilst it scores generally lower, the lack of unit cap means everything can be used to help score in some capacity, and being at the end of your Turn rather than the Round means you don’t need to worry about sticking around in the face of enemy counterpunch if you have first turn.

Shadow Operations - Get Da Good Bitz

After Deployment, alternate picking 3 Objectives not in Deployment Zones to be “Good Bitz”, starting with your opponent, until a max of 3 have been selected. CORE units in range of these Good Bitz can perform an Action at the end of your Movement, all on different Good Bitz, and provided no enemy units are in range of them. It completes at the end of your next Command Phase, and grants you 3VP each time. Given the restrictions of time needed to stay in range of the Objective, your opponent not being near them, and most missions having the 3 (or maybe less) Objectives in the mid board which you need to be fighting over, not sat there doing Actions on, it’s not an ideal one to pick. It can probably pick you up about 3-6VP in the later stages of the game, but by this time if you have CORE units which are able to do these with impunity, your opponent has already given up the midboard and you’re likely already winning. Not bad, but certainly not a go to.

Army Rules Back to Contents

These are rules that will be commonly found across multiple, if not all, units in the Orks Codex.

Pseudo Rapid Fire weapons that get more shots at half range, but rather than double its just the higher of 2 values on the profile. Ork weapons generally pump out a ton of shots anyways, so getting in close just increases the weight of dice. Being their own “Type” of Weapon does mean no penalties for Moving, or for Big Guns Never Tire, but as many of these used to be Assault weapons the inability to Advance and fire may be sorely felt on some units, so just consider if you need to shoot or move further in these instances.

All your non-GRETCHIN get this, giving them reroll charges. A great ability for reliability, saving you CP for those clutch rolls, or enabling you to try and make longer charges for wrapping or tagging purposes- don’t do it just because you can however, in case you roll lower and fail a charge, only if you absolutely need to. Per the Core Rules you must reroll both dice now, so just bear that in mind.

All your VEHICLES get this except Lords of War, cos they’re built more robustly I guess? Netting you -1Dmg against anything with Str 7 or lower is a great boost in survivability, effectively neutering the majority of light anti tank weapons against you, or the common D2 weapons which are used for dual anti infantry and anti tank weaponry, given most are around the Str 6 or 7 mark. Won’t help against the most common anti tank weapons like Meltas, Las or Lance type weapons, but makes you a lot more resistant to a large chunk of “in a pinch” anti tank, as well as a large portion of melee.

Units within 6” of a MOB unit that isn’t under Half-strength also don’t count as being under Half-strength. Can be useful for saving a few models here and there from Combat Attrition, but in general not all that helpful unless you have multiple squads working in concert with each other. A unit doesn’t need to be a MOB unit to benefit from the rule, but does need to be MOB to give the benefit, so you can’t have Warbikes supporting a unit of Stormboyz, but the Stormboyz can support the Warbikers.

All these models get +1 to Hit MONSTERS and VEHICLES, as well as a 6++. Both are solid benefits to help in both Ranged and Melee, and whilst a 6++ isn’t much, there will be times it becomes quite crucial, and saves points of Kustom Force Fields.

Once per game a Waaagh! can be called in your Command Phase, provided you WARLORD is on the Battlefield or in a TRANSPORT on the Battlefield (no calling a Waaagh from Space). Depending on who your WARLORD is will determine the effects- A WARBOSS calls a Waaagh!, a SPEEDBOSS calls a Speedwaaagh!, and GHAZGHKULL calls a Great Waaagh!

Regardless of type, a Waaagh! has two stages after it is called, with the first lasting until the Command Phase of your next turn. The second stage then kicks in until the Command Phase after that turn. Effectively you get 1 Round of powerful benefits, then another Round of some reduced benefits. The timing of the Waaagh! will depend on your army build and the lay of the land, and will take some getting used to in order to get a feel of when they are best called for your army’s purposes.


CORE and CHARACTERS get Advance and Charge, and all ORKS get +1 Attack in Stage 1, with Stage 2 only granting the +1 Attack.

Not so useful Turn 1 unless you have tons of Warbikers and Stormboyz you want to use to tie stuff up off the bat, this is generally best used Turn 2 where both sides are likely to be closer, or you’re looking to press an advantage and hem the enemy in their zone. The +1A is always useful however, and affects everything, including things like Dreads or Buggies, so consider calling it to get access to that should it be useful, even if the Advance and Charge isn’t going to be relevant for them. Try not to sacrifice that ability for other units just because however, as the slower foot sloggers of the army will often desperately want it.


A more shooting based effect, letting all ORKS ignore penalties for Advancing and Shooting Assault weapons (of which there are very few that interact with that), but more importantly it grants VEHICLES and BIKES +1 shot on all their Dakka weapons, and -1 AP on all their guns. In Stage 2 this just becomes the -1 AP.

This is either incredibly powerful, or basically worthless, depending on your army. A couple of Trukks, whatever. Some Buggies, Bikes, Planes and Wagons, and suddenly that is a very scary prospect indeed. Unlike the normal Waaagh!, this can be called Turn 1 with relative ease, provided you can ensure your range and line of sight. Has very little effect for your footsloggers so don’t worry about how it might impact them in terms of timing.

Great Waaagh!

When Ghaz calls a Waaagh!, he really calls a Waaagh!, netting you the benefits of both the Waaagh! and Speedwaaagh! The rules for each, and their Stages still apply as described above, you just get both at the same time.

Obviously this can lead to some extremely powerful turns in both melee and shooting, but having both at once can mean there will be times you might actually want to wait for one aspect, yet can’t as you want the other. To that end, it can be tricky to juggle when to call a Great Waaagh!, so as a general rule of thumb aim to do it when the bulk of your army will benefit the most, or if there is a component that will swing the tide in your favour. Turn 2 is a good bet to ensure all components will be useful, but if you anticipate heavy losses on your tanks Turn 1, there is nothing wrong with calling it then to ensure you get maximum use before they go.

Datasheets Back to Contents

Certain units with differing Datasheets will have common stats or rules, and so are condensed into one for ease of reference. Regarding Keywords, anything that is not a CHARACTER or VEHICLE is CORE, and any non-CHARACTER INFANTRY is a MOB (except Gretchin).

Units marked with a * are a Specialist Lad, so they can join any Detachment without taking away the rest of that Detachment’s Kultur, though they themselves will only get their Kultur if in that specific Detachment.

All Big Meks have a fairly robust profile, with S and T 5, 5W, 3A at WS 3 and a decent (for Orks) BS 4. They all can repair a VEHICLE within 3” at the end of your Movement for D3 Wounds, and can bring an Oiler with them to heal an additional Wound to a VEHICLE once per game.

With Kustom Force Field

Only allowed a Choppa and Slugga, but the key thing is his backpack of gubbinz, giving all Orks within 6” a 6++. Whilst it is an Aura, it can never be increased (outside of the Stratagem), but it can be reduced or turned off, so just bear that in mind. A 6++ doesn’t sound like much (and really, it’s not), but any save is better than no save, which is generally what you’ll need to put up with Orks. Even a couple of 6s on a round of Shooting can make the difference in a unit making a dent, or bouncing off, in a following turn, or at least offers the chance to deflect that cheeky Meltagun on a Trukk. At 85pts he’s not a bad buy, and especially if you have tanks he can follow around fixing up, but be wary as a 4+ only goes so far.

With Shokk Attack Gun

For 25pts more you can swap the Force Field for a big whirly cannon of doom. With a massive 60” range and AP 5, the Shokk Attack Gun does flounder a bit by virtue of randomness – D6 Shots, 2D6 Str and D6 Dmg. Add that onto the BS 4, and it’s not generally doing a huge amount. Should you roll 11 or 12 on the Str, you’ll do an additional D3 Mortals on each hit, and there will be times where the thing oneshots something ludicrous like a Knight. On average however, you’ll just about kill a Space Marine (avg Str 7, avg 3-4 shots, means roughly 2 hits, 1 wound, killing them on a 2+, assuming no invulnerable). It’s certainly a lot of fun, especially for those aforementioned hilarious moments of massive devastation, but there are far more reliable things to take. 

In Mega Armour

+1W and a 2+ Sv makes the Mega Armoured Mek a bit more of a frontline battler and support unit, able to take a bit more damage and has an actual selection of wargear to boot. Weirdly he is the only Mega Armoured type unit to be slower, because reasons…Coming stock with a Power Klaw and Kustom Mega-blasta, he pepper away at range with D3 Str 8 -3 Dmg D6 shots to help soften heavier targets (at the risk of taking a Mortal Wound on any 1s to Hit), as well as defend himself somewhat well in combat. The Blasta can be swapped out for a Killsaw or any Kombi weapon for free should you wish. On his back you can strap a Kustom Force Field for a pricey 30pts, or a cheaper Tellyport Blasta for basically a D6 Rokkit Launcha with half the range, making him a nasty ranged deterrent to units that close. At 85pts base, he’s not that expensive, but being as slow as he is will ensure he needs support or a ride.

Big, mean and green, these are excellent combat Characters that offer a tasty +1 to Hit Aura for all CORE and CHARACTERS within 6”, making themselves and their ladz highly accurate. With a whopping 6 in S, T and W, and 5A at WS 2 they are brutal combatants, and a 5++ helps them stick around a bit longer against particularly powerful weapons. 

Boss Armour

Technically just the “basic” Warboss, but it sounds cool, and they’re my articles I’ll do what I want. Comes stock with a Big Choppa and Kombi-rokkit, at 90pts he’s pretty cheap for the havoc he can cause. The Kombi-rokkit can be swapped out for a Kombi-shoota or Kombi-Skorcha for free, and the Choppa upgraded to a Power Klaw for 10pts, which is generally always worth doing, netting you Str 12 vs Str 8 and AP -3 instead of-1, whilst the -1 to Hit is counteracted by your own Aura. Can bring his pet squig along for 5pts to add some extra Str -1 D1 attacks, but that’s up to you. His main downside, like most Orks, is his pitiful save of 4+/5++ and slow Mv of 5”, meaning you really have to make sure what he hits stays down, but getting him places can be difficult. To that end, try to go after single models or units with low model count that will either struggle to kill him in return, or at least need to pull out some tricks to do so, and do your best to keep him protected so he can get charges off.

Mega Armour

Gaining +1W and a 2+ Sv the Warboss becomes a fair bit more survivable. Restricted in his weapons, he “only” carries an ‘Uge Choppa for Str 9 -3 D2 attacks, and also brings his favourite grot along to man his shoulder mounted Big Shoota (what a guy!). Otherwise he’s basically the same as the standard Warboss but at 25pts more on the base cost. Being more limited to weapons does restrict his Relic weapon choices, but he still hits like a truck and can be more than a match for most other Characters or elite infantry.

Both types of Psyker have a pretty robust profile, with the S/T/W of 5 you’d expect, as well as 3A at WS 3 with their Force Stave equivalent. A 6+ does not keep them around long, and they are reliant on being surrounded by other ORKS in order to cast more than one power, being limited to Cast/Deny 1 as standard, but becoming Cast 2 if there are at least 20 non-GRETCHIN ORKS within 12”. VEHICLES only count as 1, so bear that in mind. This limitation does hurt, especially given the Ork Powers are generally pretty good, and at 70pts, a single power isn’t all that great, so make sure they have some semblance of support for both their protection as well as use. 


Knows 2 Powers from the Waaagh! Discipline, so you’ll want him hanging out with MOB type units, though all their support based powers are good on most Ork units, so position accordingly.


Knows 2 Powers from the Beasthead Discipline, making him a bit trickier to use depending on your powers chosen, as they’re often shorter ranged, thus making him more likely to be in harm’s way, or wanting to cast powers on units that might not be near enough to make it up to the 20 models. A Beast Snagga, so gets their associated benefits, as well as having a shooting attack for 2 Shots at 12” Str 6 -3 Dmg D3 – so nothing reliable, but they can help do some extra damage to a tank or monster given his +1 to Hit them.

A Warboss on Buggy, coming with some short ranged anti light infantry Shotguns, the Killa Jet for flexible anti infantry or tankbusting profiles, and whilst his lower Strength does only make him Str 7 in melee with his Klaw, he does get to reroll those Wounds to offset it somewhat. Being a SPEED FREEK offers a decent amount of rules interactions, as does being a VEHICLE, and his +2W and Ramshackle makes him decently tougher than a standard Warboss. Fast at 14”, let alone his autoadvance 6” and once per game 9” Advance, he can get to where he wants to be with relative ease, though like all the Buggies, his large base size can mean certain avenues are trickier or even impossible for him to navigate so be wary of his surroundings. He does however offer no buffs to your units, so he is purely a damager dealer, and 120pts puts him on the costlier side of HQs, so whilst he does have flexibility, he doesn’t offer much in army boosts (outside of granting a Speedwaaagh!), and he can’t tangle with really heavy stuff as well as a Warboss, so use him as a tactical missile with his speed to pick fights and go after isolated units where possible.

A Warboss for Beast Snaggas, getting their +1 to Hit rule and some set Wargear, attacking with either his Klaw at +4 Str rather than x2 (still Str 10 though…), or his Beastchoppa which is a normal Choppa but +1AP and Dmg. Comes with a Squig guided Shoota (sure), and his Boss Aura only applies to BEAST SNAGGA CORE and CHARACTERS. If you were running a bunch of Beast Snaggas and were looking at a melee Warboss on Foot anyways, you might as well run this guy for the theme and Keyword benefits, unless there was a particular wargear or relic you might want for a normal Boss.

On Squigosaur

Alternatively, stick him on a DINOSQUIG. He loses the option of attacking with his Klaw as well as his Shoota, but whatever, DINOSQUIG. This good boy gives you +5” Mv, +1T, +3W, -1Dmg, and he bites with extreme prejudice, giving you an extra 3A at Str 7 -3 Dmg3, doing a flat 3 Mortal Wounds instead on 6s to Wound, and the option for a Thump Gun for some extra ranged punch. Now you are paying a pretty chunky 50pts more for the privilege, but the defensive and offensive boosts are all great, and can lead to an incredibly strong combat monster even before thinking about Warlord Traits and Relics. Did I mention you get a SQUIG THAT’S A DINOSAUR?!

A Beast Snagga Painboy, giving a 3” Aura of 6+++ to all BEAST SNAGGA INFANTRY and CAVALRY, as well as to BIKERS. In addition he can heal those units at the end of your Movement Phase for 2 Wounds on a 2+, though they suffer a Mortal Wound on a 1 (which they can then shrug, weirdly). His Klaw gives him +2 -2 D2, or for 5pts can be upgraded to +4 -3 D2, albeit with -1 to Hit. He can bring an Orderly as well to reroll the dice to see if he heals someone once per game, which might prove necessary to avoid killing someone at an inopportune time. He’s a bit quicker than normal with his 7” Mv, letting him get into position a little easier, and at only 10pts more than a normal Painboy for being a little more survivable, albeit at the cost of an HQ slot. He can be worth it if you were looking at a Painboy in the first place, though he offers little for non-SNAGGA units other than Warbikers.

Ghazghkull Thraka*

The biggest Boss of them all, Ghaz is a literal MONSTER that is choppy, tough and buffy. With a meaty 12W at T7, with a 2+/4++ and capped at taking 4W per phase, he can stick around against all but the most dedicated of attacks. Whilst he does degrade, losing Mv and Str, he gets angry for your trouble, increasing in A, and even on his bottom profile he hits at Str 10 -4 D4. On the utility side he gives full Hit rerolls to Melee for all GOFF CORE and CHARACTERS within 6”, lets all ORKS ignore Combat Attrition modifiers when within 6”. He must be your WARLORD, obviously, but that does net you the Great Waaagh and makes him even better in melee. Mork’s Roar is a fine gun, but really you want him stuck in as soon as possible ripping apart big things, characters and elite units. He is tough and killy, but not invincible. He can’t be healed, isn’t amazingly fast, only really benefits from being in a GOFF Detachment, can struggle somewhat against being bogged down by hordes, and has no Mortal Wound defense. On top of that he’s a pretty eyewatering 300pts, so you really need to make sure he gets stuck in to make his points back, or at least is acting as enough of a threat to divert attentions away from the rest of your army. 


The only Grot HQ, and only really useful if GHAZGHKULL is around. His 2++ can keep him around for a fair bit (though once it’s failed it immediately turns off), and whilst he can do the occasional Mortal Wounds in melee, he’s here to support everyone else, giving a 6+++ to all GOFFS within 3” of him, but only if he himself is within 3” of GHAZ, so he is a bit better than a Painboy as it works on all ORKS, so even VEHICLES and GHAZ himself, but obviously useless without him around. He also offers a 12” Aura of Ld 6 to GRETCHIN, so that’s fine I guess? Basically, without Ghaz take another HQ, with Ghaz, he might be worth ithe 55pts to act as a bit less independent but more applicable Painboy, though he’s by no means necessary. 

Boss Zagstuk

A sort-of Warboss (no WARBOSS Keyword but packing his stats), strapped to a Rokkit Pack. He doesn’t get the 5++ or the +1 to Hit Aura, but does get a 5+++, 6A at Str 8 -3 D2, some mini-rokkits to launch into the foe, and of course being effectively a Stormboy the speed and deep strike capability. Unfortunately he only benefits STORMBOYZ with his Aura, halving the number that flee from Combat Attrition, which isn’t terrible, but will generally net you 1 maybe 2 extra Boyz a game. He’s also quite pricey at 110pts for a glass cannon Ork – he hits hard and fast, but cannot take a hit back, more so than other Orks, so make sure he picks targets carefully and doesn’t bite off more than he can chew. 

Boss Snikrot

A Kommando with Warboss stats (but not the WARBOSS Keyword), that trades his 4+ Sv for an extra Attack and a bunch of sneaky rules. Gets the standard Kommando rules to Infiltrate, +2 to Svs when in cover and +1 to Wound with melee when near terrain, and whilst he only gives his +1 to Hit to KOMMANDOS, he also gets a 6” Aura that imposes -2 Ld to enemy units. With 6A at Str 6 -2 D2, he’s a good heavy infantry and character blender, and acts as a good distraction alongside other Kommandos, especially to help give them some more combat punch.

Kaptin Badrukk

A Flash Gitz Warboss, getting a respectable 3+/4++ as well as effectively a Heavy 3 Master-crafted Plasma Gun, letting him lay down some firepower from your lines. His aura only affects FLASH GITZ (which he is), letting you reroll 1s, so ideally you want some to make the most of him. Only packing a Choppa however does mean you want to keep him and his entourage away from melee, instead anchoring your battleline and softening units for other melee units to go and deal with. Can take an Ammo Runt for 5pts to reroll a single hit once per game, which is generally not worth bothering with.

Zodgrod Wortsnagga

A HQ RUNTHERD who’s also a Beast Snagga with their associated rules. Has a decent 4A at WS2 Str 7 -3 D2, and can make a MONSTER within 6” Fight Last on a 2+ at the start of the Fight Phase. On top of that, he makes one unit of CORE GRETCHIN able to do shoot and do Actions, and get +1 to Hit as well, which is fine, but their only Grots with their short range anyways so its not really here or there. He’s fine, but is a bit all over the place, only buffing Grots, wanting to be near to fights vs MONSTERS, but not being that tough or killy to handle them himself. He’s also not that cheap, rocking at 30pts over a normal Runtherd if that’s what you’re looking for. A Weirdboy will generally be a more useful second HQ if that’s what you need, for only a few points more. 

Mozrog Skragbad

Take a Beastboss on Squigosaur, and make him meaner. With +1A, a 4++, +1 Str and Dmg on his melee, and the Squig’s Jaws doing 4 Mortals on 6s to Wound, he’s got some nice buffs for 20pts more. The main issues are he’s Snakebite locked, alongside a fairly mediocre Warlord Trait. If you were running a Snakebite Squigosaur, then he’s definitely worth the upgrade, if you’re ok with giving up the punch that other Warlord Traits can offer.

Weedy little goblins that don’t really offer much outside of being your cheapest Troop choice, though even then at 5pts they’re not that cost efficient. T3 and no Sv unless in Cover (where they get an additional +1), in addition to Combat Attrition modifiers unless near a RUNTHERD, and they’re not ObSec unless given the Specialist Mob upgrade noted above. All told, avoid unless you’re really desperate to save points whilst still having Troops.

Your basic Troop, coming with 2A at Str4, with T5 on defense. That’s kind of it though, so don’t expect them to hold up under concentrated firepower, especially not with 1W and a 6+. Offensively they can be geared with Shootas for some light anti infantry ranged firepower, or Choppas and Sluggas for more punch in combat, granting +1A and AP. You can mix and match as well, but generally a focused task is best for them. You can also take special weapons, 1 per 10, either a Big Shoota or Rokkit Launcha, though these are generally only worth it for Shoota Boyz, and even then aren’t in numbers enough to really make it worth investing in points. The Nob can take a variety of wargear for either Shooting or Fighting needs, though combat is generally the better bet as either they’ll be helping in melee, or providing a deterrent or flexibility to a ranged unit. Not the cheapest at 9pts, but can survive a decent amount of shooting, and whilst not really able to go toe to toe with elite melee units, can still overwhelm most units when in large enough mobs, or lay down enough infantry firepower to soften units up.

For 2pts more than a Boy and trading out some flexibility in wargear and squad size, you can get the Beast Snagga rules and +1 Str. The invulnerable whilst minor can help, and the Str 5 makes you a lot better when fighting common targets of T4 and 5. Can take a Thump Gun per 10 models for a bit of extra ranged punch, if you’re so inclined, and the Nob has set wargear with his Snappa 3A at +2 -2 D2. Obviously more melee focused, and with a smaller squad size of 20 max, they will be reliant on transports and their 6++ to make it in, rather than numbers. If you were looking at Slugga Boyz in small squad sizes though, consider the upgrade for the extra rules they get.

A Nob with +2W who carries a big ol’ stick for waving around and knocking heads with. The banner itself gives all ORK units within 6” +1 to Hit in melee, ala the Warboss but for everything, so this is great if you have a VEHICLE heavy melee list, be it Buggies or Dreads. The issue of course becomes having him keep up, with stuff. He also doesn’t do a lot outside of his aura, with a Kustom Shoota for ranged, and his Banner being +2 D2 in combat, but with no AP, he’s not really going to make a mark in a fight. If you haven’t got a standard Warboss but lots of combat elements, he’s a good pick to get the buff, likewise if you’re looking to support some VEHICLES in melee he’s useful, but you need to get him positioned fairly well.

A lesser version of the Painboss above, not being Beast Snagga, his abilities not working on CAVALRY, -1W, -2” Mv, and only a 6+ Sv, he’s only saving you 10pts for the stat losses, but not taking up a HQ slot can be helpful depending on what you’re looking to run, and his abilities work on any INFANTRY, not just the BEAST SNAGGAS, giving him more flexibility in who he can escort around. Overall not a bad pick, though a 6+++ can get quite tiresome to roll, and loses its value for much of your Infantry given they are only 1W base.

Escorts around GRETCHIN INFANTRY, not taking up a slot if any of them are in the same Detachment. Comes with a choice of melee weapons (it honestly doesn’t matter he shouldn’t be anywhere near combat) and a choice of 2 optional bits of wargear to give a 3” Aura for GRETCHIN INFANTRY, either +1” Mv or ignore all Attrition Modifiers. Of the two the Lash for the +1” Mv is better to help them move to screen or contest things better, but in general you can safely skip this guy even if you are running Grots.

Take a Boy, and give him a Flamer. They autopass Morale until your next turn if they killed any units with their Burna, and every 5 models must be a Spanner (read: My First Mek), who have the ability to heal 1 wound to VEHICLES ala the Big Meks, and can take a Big Shoota for anti infantry, a Rokkit Launcha for anti tank, or Kustom Mega Blasta for the gambler. En Masse Flamers are of course great horde clearers, and can even put a dent into heavy armoured units in a pinch, however given the ranges involved, often melee follows suit which is often just as if not more, effective. Generally there isn’t much Burnas can do other units can’t, unless you start investing more points or CP in them to help them with melee. By no means bad, and 2pts more than a Shoota Boy will get you a more effective ranged unit, provided you get within range.

Similar to the Big Mek, but smaller. A Smol Mek, if you will. With much lesser stats and inferior wargear, as well as only being able to heal 1 Wound a turn, he doesn’t really do anything. Sure he’s cheap at 25pts, but with nothing to bring to justify the cost outside of maybe manning Workshop. Even then it’s questionable.

At nearly double the cost of a Shoota Boy, Tankbustas each get a Rokkit Launcha for anti tank and anti elite firepower. Whilst short ranged at 24”, and Heavy, they do get +1 to Hit VEHICLES to offset that somewhat, and with D3 Shots and Blast they can inflict a pretty heavy toll on both tanks and 6+ squads alike. You can also sprinkle in some Rokkit Pistols for lesser Range, Str and Dmg, but to get the chance to shoot into melee (not really worth it as if they’re in combat they’re likely already in trouble), or the hilarious Tankhammer for some suicidal Mortal Wound output (again, probably not worth the loss of the gun and the risk of melee). What you should consider are some Bomb Squigs however. Short ranged at only 12”, and only 1 can be used per turn (realistically only ever take 2), but when released they do D3 Mortals on a single non-AIRCRAFT unit on a 3+, or 2+ if a VEHICLE. As it’s not a shooting attack, it can be done in melee, and even limited to one per turn they’re cheap enough to add in a few for the extra reliability.

A Boy gives up ObSec and costs 1 more point, but gets +1”Mv, Infiltrate, +2 to Svs when in cover, and +1 to Wound with Melee when within 1” of terrain, making them a very cost effective upgrade for a melee unit. They have a ton of gear options, all of which are 1 per 10 (thanks Kill Team!), but in general you want to keep these guys cheap for Objective purposes, Secondaries and harassment duty. They’re still only Orks so will die to concentrated firepower, especially if in a smaller squad, so utilise their sneakiness to your advantage for either early pressure to give the rest of your army breathing room, or early capping of Secondaries before they invariably die.

Ork Terminators, with a meaty 3W and 2+ Sv, the Mega Nobz are your heavy elite melee unit, coming stock with Power Klaws and Kombi-shootas, and options for either Kombi-rokkits or Skorchas, or 1 or 2 Killsaws, though the points can add up quick if you load them with upgrades.The Killsaws are a tough choice, each one being 5pts, and whilst AP 4 is nice, D3 Dmg is risky, plus expect the inevitable arguments to be had over how many attacks do you actually get when you have 2 Killsaws (RAW its 2). The lack of Invun can be a pain, but it generally only really would matter for AP 4 weapons. A good utility unit for a bit of ranged punch and some solid melee, whilst they are a little costly at 35pts, even a 3 man squad can be a potent enough force to cause a diversion of firepower.

With Str 5, 3A, 2W and a 4+ Sv, Nobz are a clear upgrade over the normal Boy, but at double their cost they should be. With the same wargear loadout as the Nob in the squads, they have plenty of options for both ranged and melee, though they can quickly stack up in cost if you aren’t careful- a Klaw or Saw on everyone will add up quick, likewise a squad with all Kombi-Skorchas can unleash a huge amount of firepower but they are paying a high margin for it. A mix of wargear to keep them cheapish (a 4+ only goes so far, you will lose models), with some bigger weapons sprinkled through, can make for a good mid level combat unit. Shooting is generally best left to other units however, especially since Flash Gitz exist as a Shooty Nob unit. 

A DEATHSKULLZ Painboy with +1WS and W, as well as a 4+/5+++. He can also Charge even when he Advanced or Fell Back, but he must always declare a charge on the closest enemy unit if he is within 12” of something. As such whilst he is a bit better in melee as well as tougher, he can run off at a whim, and sometimes you might find yourself in a position where he has to charge something closer to you when you might need to charge elsewhere. He’s only 15pts more than a Painboy, but you have to really weigh up if his boosts are worth the lack of control, and oftentimes that is more detrimental than what the positives bring.

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Whilst all of these are separate Datasheets, they share enough in common to have a general breakdown before diving into their unique aspects. Being SPEED FREEK VEHICLES opens up a good chunk of rules interactions, though they aren’t CORE so watch out for that.

Each one is a 0-1 choice, meaning you can only have a single unit of each in your army, so even a lone buggy means you can’t run any more of them. This does limit their flexibility a bit, as well as their interaction with Kustom Jobs, so consider how you’d want to run them- all can be run in units of up to 3, but be wary given their large bases, as too many all together can clog your lines quite quickly, especially since they still need to follow the normal 2” coherency rules.

Despite their 4+ Sv, a base profile of T6 8W and Ramshackle makes them more survivable than at first glance. Whilst all have ranged attacks, only some can fight in combat, and even then these aren’t dedicated melee units with WS 4 and 4A, so use them when you need to, rather than just because you can.

Some of them have multiple crew which effectively allow them to fire any Grenades and Pistols alongside their main weapons, and all of them have a Grot Gunner which gives +1 to Hit to some of their weapons, with some being fairly inconsequential, but others it applying to their main armament helping them significantly. 

Shokkjump Dragstas

The fastest ones with a 14” Mv as well as the ability to redeploy if they Advance 4 or more (though at risk of taking Mortal Wounds), the Dragstas are geared for tank hunting via their Rokkit Launcha and 2 shot Kustom Shokk Rifle, the latter of which fires at an impressive (for Orks) BS3. As with all Kustom weapons it suffers a Mortal Wound if you roll any 1s to hit, but 6s to Wound do an additional Mortal. At 85pts they’re fairly cheap, and a couple of them can reliably get into position and take down heavy targets. The teleport is useful for getting into line of sight or range, though only the Rifle will be able to fire as it is part of an Advance. With their Saw Blades they can fight in combat, Str 7 -2 D2 being nothing to sniff at.

Boomdakka Snazzwagons

With a 12” Mv and a main gun of 30”, the Snazzwagon can threaten most parts of the board. Its Mek Speshul has a pretty impressive statline for chewing through marine type units, with Dakka 14/10 Str 5 -2 D2, as well as some ancillary weapons at shorter ranges. A built in -1 to Hit makes them less reliant on defensive abilities like Cloud of Smoke, making them a decent backliner able to to operate fairly independently, and without melee weapons you’ll want to try to keep them away to maximise their shooting.

Kustom Boosta-Blastas

A bit of a mixed bag in terms of output, the Boosta-blasta has a long range main weapon of 36” at Dakka 9/6 and a good Str 7 -2 D2 making it a good all round weapon for both anti infantry and anti light tank duty, but this is then contradicted by their 4 Flamers (with that nice 8th Ed range of 8”, lovely stuff…) and their Ram letting each one do D3 Mortals on a 4+ to an enemy unit on the charge, but also no melee weapons… It’s all very confusing. However they are a good “support” Buggy, given they can still use their weapons in combat, and at 80pts are priced well enough to ride in front of other units and aim to tie down other units.

Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies

With a slower 10” Mv but an extra W for their chunkiness, the Rukkatrukks are bristling with guns, chief of which are their Squig Launchas, letting them lob shots out of line of sight with a solid Str 5 -2 D2 statline, and with 2D6 at 36” with the Grot Gunner, and a further D6 at 18”, they can really lay down the hurt through sheer weight of good quality attacks. On top of that they can fight in melee with their Saw Blades (though try to avoid given their main weapons are Blast), and each one carries a Squig Mine which can, once per game, waddle after a VEHICLE within 6” to inflict Mortal Wounds (D3 on a 3+, or D6 on a 6). These guys do a bit of everything and they do it well, able to lay down impressive firepower anywhere on the battlefield with ease, and at 90pts are pretty undercosted for their power.

Megatrakk Scrapjets

Similar to the Rukkatrukks, these are a “workhorse” unit, able to do a bit of everything quite well, being a bit slower but having an extra Wound over the others. With two Twin Big Shootas (one of which has the Grot Gunner) they have decent anti infantry, a 3D3 Shot Rokkit Launcha and a further single shot Rokkit with +1 to Hit VEHICLE for anti tank, a Ram for Mortals on the charge and Str 8 -2 D3 Dmg in melee, they cover a lot of bases for the army and make a good “speartip” to lead the charge. 90pts makes them tied for the most expensive Buggy, but they’re a great all round choice to plug gaps you might need.

A good all-round unit with good stats, decent melee and solid shooting, the Warbikers are a fast harassment and infantry clearer. With a 14” Mv and 6” auto Advance, they can quickly reach most parts of the board with ease, T5 3W 4+ and a built in -1 to Hit vs Ranged helps them get there, and offensively they can be given Choppas for a bit of extra melee punch (always do this over taking Sluggas, they’re both free but Choppas will just be better), and their two Dakkaguns lay down an impressive amount of firepower with Dakka 5/3 each at 18”, letting them help clear chaff or just pile on damage to tougher units and force saves. Being BIKER and CORE means they can benefit from either Waaagh called, letting them benefit regardless of the type of army you’re running. At 25pts they’re pretty cheap for what they do, and whilst each one lost is felt a bit, they’ll still require a fair bit of allocation to bring the unit down.

A Beast Snagga Character who rides around on a Pachycephalosaurus Squig with a massive bonce. Comes with a Big Choppa for 4A at Str 7 -1 D2, alongside 2 Str -1 D2 attacks from the Squigitself, has a decently tough statline with T6 5W 4+, and each time he charges or Heroically intervenes, roll 5D6 for an enemy unit within Engagement, doing a Mortal Wound on each 4+. A decent enough combat character who has the opportunity to surprise an unsuspecting unit with some lucky Mortals, though really expect to do around 2, so don’t over commit. 65pts doesn’t make him too expensive either, so if you want to add some more punch to a contingent of Squighogs, or someone to follow them around with a Warlord Trait like Beastgob to improve them, he’s not a bad shout. Two of them can be taken without using a slot for each unit of Squighogs in the same Detacment, though really 1 is probably enough.

Give a Boy a Jump Pack, which may or may not have been a good idea. Reducing their squad size down to a maximum of 15 means they won’t hit quite as hard, but they make up for it by being able to get there much faster. With a 12” FLY move, as well as auto advancing 6”, albeit at the risk of taking a Mortal Wound on a 4+ each time they do (they have no choice by the way, you must Advance like this), and the option to Deep Strike, Stormboyz pack a lot of movement options for 2pts more. A 5man unit is also worth looking at for some later turn reinforcements, able to net you Secondaries on the cheap.

Rather than Bikes, the Beast Snaggas prefer giant Squighogs. Squig Pigs, if you like. Much more melee oriented, whilst they are slower with a 10” Mv, but do gain +1T (and Beast Snaggas, of course) for their troubles, as well as their melee being a pretty scary with 3A at Str6 -2 D2, and further 2A from the Squigs themselves at Str 6 -1 D2. On top of that they can throw their spears with a similar statline for a bit of ranged punch on the way in, and they have some Grots along for the ride as well with a bit more light shooting and attacks. AND they can bring a Bomb Squig per 3 for some more output (along with it being one of the best models in the game, come on a Grot riding a Unicycle Squig with fireworks strapped to his back?). All this for 25pts is a bargain all told. Obviously being so melee focused means they aren’t doing much if anything until they make it in, and as with all Orks their decently tough statline is let down by the poor saves, so use terrain to your advantage as much as you can, and don’t be too disheartened if they die absorbing a bunch of firepower, if it means your other units are safer.

Bikers that decided they needed to take to the skies. A unit of VEHICLES (so with their own advantages and disadvantages of course) each packing what amounts to a twin Rokkit Launcha for tank hunting and a decent 6A at Str 5 -1 D1 for melee for carving through light melee, the Koptas fill a strange role, being geared for both shooting and melee in some capacity, albeit with differing targets for both, and sacrificing the other when doing one (despite being VEHICLES their guns are Blase). They’re also quite pricey at 50pts a model, though their 4W, 4+ and Ramshackle helps keep them around for a somewhat decent amount of time. 1 in 3 can trade their Rokkits for a Kustom Mega-blasta and a Bomb to do a few Mortal Wounds in an area they fly over. One might be worth it for the option, but in general you’ll likely want these guys Deep Stike, unleash a flurry of rokkits at something big, then charge into chaff or to tie something up. A unit of 3 packs a fair bit of output, but can’t be thrown away given their cost.

Heavy Support Back to Contents

Grot manned artillery (so no Kultur but BS4 at least), and whilst only a 5+ they do have a decently tough chassis of T5 6W and Ramshackle, so dedicated firepower will be needed to shift them. The main thing to consider is their weaponry, either the incredibly random Bubblechukka (which could be a single anti tank shot into a horde, if you’re “lucky”), the anti-tank Smasha Gun, the Traktor Kannon for semi-reliable anti-tank and Aircraft, or the workhorse Kustom Mega-kannon. Whilst the Mega Kannqon has the lowest range (only 36”) and a chance to take a Mortal on 1s, it’s the best all purpose weapon with D6 Shots Blast and Str 8 -3 D6 Dmg, letting it deal with all manner of targets effectively, and thus making it the best all purpose choice. They aren’t terribly expensive at 45pts, but are prone to being tagged, and given the specific nature of some of their guns, or unreliability of others, they aren’t something to be relied upon, though they can help whittle away at units and shield out a portion of your backline.

Whilst all differing Datasheets, all the WAGONS follow the basic principles of being big tanks with a bunch of wargear options and a Transport Capacity, with MEGA ARMOUR and (hilariously) JUMP PACK models taking up 2 slots each. With a base T7, 16W 3+ and Ramshackle, they need proper anti tank firepower to shift. All have the option to take up to 4 Big Shootas and a Lobba for anti infantry, as well as a selection of melee weapons, though really only the Deff Rolla is worth it given it’s good starts, WS2+ and ability to use all of your attacks for it. You can also look at turret mounted weapons, either a Kannon (basically a Missile Launcher), a Zzap Gun (a baby Shokk Attack Gun with only 1 Shot and flat Dmg 3, meh) or a Killkannon (for D6 Str 8 -2 D2 shots at 24”). In general you’ll need to decide on the main point of your Wagon, whether it’s just a Transport, a melee threat, a gunboat, or a mix. The points will add up quick, and they aren’t the cheapest to start with, so don’t go all in without a plan.


With a massive 20 on their Transport Capacity, the basic Wagon has access to all of the aforementioned wargear options, as well as the option for an ‘Ard Case, increasing it’s Toughness to 8, but losing its Open Topped rule, as well as reducing the capacity to 12 (Kannons, Kill Kannons and Zzap Guns do the same). It’s a decent enough tank, and a basic one with no weapons just advancing up the field whilst filled with Orks is always fun. Can also act as a mobile bunker for shooting units like Lootas or Flash Gits looking to stay as safe as possible. If you’re looking at the ‘Ard Case and some other weaponry, one of the other Wagons may be better due to their extra rules. Be wary of the numbers inside however, trying to get 20ish models out of a destroyed Wagon can be tricky. GHAZGHKULL can also ride around in one, but he does take up 18 models, so whilst a fun sight, he best have someone else with him lest you roll a 1…


With a built in ‘Ard Case and Deff Rolla, the Bonebreaka gets +D6 Attacks on the Charge, making his role pretty clear – get in fast, ram stuff, let lads jump out next turn and do some krumping. Guns are entirely optional here, as generally you’ll want to be Advancing turn 1 to get into charge range turn 2. Given this Wagon wants to be in melee, be careful about being surrounded, lest you get pinned in place and lose half the unit on disembarking, and given no Open Topped you’ll also want appropriately equipped units inside (long range shooting units that ride in close is a bit backwards, for example). Whilst it chucks out a ton of attacks, -2 D2 with degrading Str and A does mean the Bonebreaka will bounce off particularly tough units, and isn’t going to chew through massive hordes that easily, so choose targets well, especially if you still have units inside.


The more shooty version, coming stock with the Ard Case and a Kannon, the Gunwagon gets +1 to Hit with it’s “Turret” weapon, be it the Kannon, Killkannon, Zzap Gun or Da Booma. That’s kind of it really, yes it can still transport units but it doesn’t want to be too close to the frontlines lest it gets tagged, nor does it want to hang back and stop the unit inside shooting out. Can be useful to deliver a unit to the midboard where it can hang around peppering shots into others, but the turret weapons are generally not inspiring enough to be paying the extra points for a +1 to Hit.

Grots in tin cans, these units of Walkers have a decently tough profile with T5 5W 3+ and Ramshackle, as well as a mix of shooting and melee. 3A at Str 8 -3 Dmg3 makes them solid heavy infantry breakers, even within only WS4, and they get +1A if there’s 3 or more Kans in the unit. Shooting wise, they come stock with a Big Shoota, which can swap to a Grotzooka for half the Range and 2D3 Blast, albeit at Str 6, or upgrade to a Skorcha or Rokkit Launcha, though the latter’s hefty 15pts makes a unit of them suddenly get quite costly, though their BS4 is nice for the output. It will depend on what you want them to do, as keeping them back for their shooting is a waste of their melee, whilst stomping into melee means some of their shooting will be wasted. They aren’t expensive at 40pts, so make for decent “shock troops”, even without any benefits Kulturs can bring them.

Give a Boy a Shoota and he’ll have Dakka for a day, let him have a Deffgun and he’ll Dakka for the rest of his enemy’s life. Which, depending on the target, won’t be for long. With a chunky 48” range, these Dakka 3/2 Autocannons can lay down some pretty significant firepower, though of course the standard BS5 for Orks means they’ll need a fair few to make the hits stick. Not amazingly cheap at 17pts a pop, and realistically could do with a transport of some kind for some ablative protection further cranking the points up. When they work they work well, but they can often find themselves as a priority target, which can of course be turned to your favour as well, depending on the rest of your army. Same as Burna Boyz, they need to have a Spanner for every 4 Lootas, with the same loadout as noted in their entry.

Orky Dreadnoughts, though have the ability to be take up to 3 per slot, needing to deploy them near each other but after that they act as individual units (which has its advantages and disadvantages). Has 4 arms for different weapons, and comes stock with 2 Big Shootas and 2 Klaws, making it a capable combatant as well as having some light infantry firepower. Each arm can be swapped out for another Klaw or Big Shoota for free, a Skorcha for 5pts, or a Rokkit Launcha or Kustom Mega-blasta for 10pts, and whilst the latter adds up quick does afford them being a semi decent gun platform. With only a 6” Mv though they aren’t getting up the field quickly, and T7 8W 3+ only goes so far, even with Ramshackle. At 85pts base they aren’t expensive however, and even the basic loadout is decent enough to warrant being a good distraction able to make a mess of a good number of things in combat, lest it is ignored.

The Beast Snagga version of a Wagon, and with it’s impressive T8 16W 3+/6++ and Ramshackle, they are a tough nut to crack. Each one has good speed, an Open Topped Transport Capacity (BEAST SNAGGAS only), and a great spread of melee attacks with WS 3+ 6/D6/D3 A at Str 8/7/6 -2 D2 for base, then an additional 4 at Str 7/6/5 -2 Dmg3 from the Tricera-Squig that pulls it, and then another 4 at Str 5 -1 D1 from the Boyz for good measure. Alongside that they have some shooting as well, the bear minimum being the ‘Eavy Lobba for some ignore terrain bombardments, as well as the Stikka Kannon for a short ranged harpoon attack that prevents most tanks and monsters from moving away from it (Brother Ahab is jealous). The Rigs are priced quite cheaply as well, given their statline, but don’t waste them with shooting- it’s fine, but it’s real potency is melee. They’re also quite large, so maneuvering and hiding them can prove tricky. 

Kill Rig

Sacrificing some Transport Capacity (though it still has 10), for a big skull altar powered by a Wurrboy. Knowing and Casting 2 from the Beastherd Discipline, and given its predilection to be up close, means some of the shorter ranged downsides of the Discipline are negated, and it benefits from much of it’s own buffs as well. On top of that, the Wurrboys Tower of Power unleashes an autohitting Lascannon shot at 24” in your Shooting phase, or D3 if it manifested a Power that turn, giving you some much needed reliable anti-tank. Remember most Powers don’t need to be in range in order to manifest them, they just fail if out of range, so always worth casting even a Smite to get the D3 shots. It is a CHARACTER, so there are sometimes unfavourable interactions with certain rules or Secondaries, but at 190pts the Kill Rig is a solid choice, offering something in every phase and being good at them to boot. 

Hunta Rig

For a not insignificant 30pts less, you get a Transport Capacity of 15…and that’s about it. It’s still a Rig, so by no means a terrible choice, but unless you are desperate for the points savings, or really want to run 15 Snagga Boyz in a Transport, the Kill Rig is just a no-brainer upgrade in most circumstances outside of maybe Character heavy lists and Assassination is a potential concern.

A Nobz unit that trades its melee options for a respectable Heavy 3 Str 6 -2 D2 gun. The Heavy aspect is a bit annoying, but BS4 base does help offset it (by virtue of being “normal” Ork BS on the move, and better if able to sit still). And whilst they don’t have any real combat punch, each one is still a Nob, so trying to tie them up with light skirmisher style units isn’t always viable. Whilst relatively short ranged at 24”, sticking them in a Transport helps to protect them and get them into range, especially if it’s Open Topped letting them not lose any turns of firepower, and they help clear chaff and mid-level infantry with relative ease, as well as helping chip away at lighter Vehicles. Not the cheapest at 27pts, but can help soften targets on the way in and set up a nasty firing lane if left to their own devices.

Dedicated Transports Back to Contents

Light Open Topped transport option that comes stock with a Big Shoota and the same Wreckin’ Ball or Grabbin’ Klaw melee options as the Wagon (again, not really worth it given the limited attacks and low WS). The main reason for these things is either ablative wounds for a unit inside to shoot out of, or to suicidally ferry a combat unit into the enemy lines as quickly and cheaply as possible. With a decent capacity of 12 models (and they can carry SPECIALIST MOBS, unlike WAGONS), they deliver the same cargo at the same speed, sacrificing a fair chunk of survivability to be around half the cost at 70pts. If you’re looking for multiple things to be carried around or protected, they won’t break the bank too badly. They will die however, as with only T6 10W 4+ they can’t take much of a hit, Ramshackle be damned, and their output is basically zero, so don’t go overboard lest you end up losing offensive capabilities elsewhere.

All the Flyers have the same base profile, with 12W at T6 and a meagre 4+. Ramshackle helps of course, but they aren’t going to take too many hits. All the standard Aircraft type rules apply, and as they’re all Jets there’s no Hover ability here, so position accordingly to avoid needlessly flying off the board, if you can help it.

Drops an anti-horde bomb on a point it flies over, inflicting a Mortal Wound on every model within 6” on a 5+. Comes with 2 of them, so can soften up a decent amount of Infantry over the course of the game if allowed to. Not so useful on Vehicles or elite armies due to lower model counts, but can still be helpful to chip away at tougher units. Comes stock with 2 Supa Shootas and a Twin Big Shoota for more anti infantry clearing, and for 15pts more you can add even more infantry clearance via the Skorcha Missiles for a pretty decent 2D6 Str 6 -2 D1 Ignore Cover shots. At 135pts base it’s not too pricey for the output it can do, especially if you’re anticipating large units and lots of them, where its bombs can inflict a heavy toll, or force a break in the battleline to avoid them.

At 100pts base, the Dakkajet is the cheapest of the Flyers, and also the most simple, packing 4 Supa Shootas for Dakka 6/4 Str 6 -1 D1 shots each. For a paltry 20pts more you can take a further 2 Supa Shootas. Given their speed getting within 18” for the extra shots is very easy to do, letting you hose down targets with tons of good quality shots, albeit at mediocre BS. But at their cheap cost they can offer some potent firepower to assist your army, whilst not being a crucial piece should they get shot down.

Similar to the Burna variant, but instead inflicts a flat D3 Mortals on units within 6” of it’s bomb site, on the roll of a 4+. With a more elite hunting role, the Blitza does pay 15pts more, whilst not being super reliable given 50/50 to inflict maybe 2 MW. Overall the least useful of the planes, lacking the reliability or cost effectiveness of the others.

This Mek piloted plane is the most expensive at 170pts before upgrades, though does bring BS 4+ (on it’s bottom bracket at least) as well as some potent wargear. Coming stock with a Smasha Gun ala the Mek Gun, as well as two Mega-Kannons for a further 2D3 Str 10 Lascannon shots at 36” (though any 1s cause a Mortal Wound to you). There’s also a Stikkbomm Flinga for some very light and short ranged anti infantry, but that can be swapped out for a Force Field for 20pts, giving all your AIRCRAFT within 9” a 5++, which given their flimsy armour isn’t a bad call, though of course dependent on having other Flyers (though it will benefit itself of course if by his lonesome). The Mega-Kannons can be swapped out for Teleport Mega-Blastas for 20pts, reducing the Range to 24” and the Str and AP down by 1 each, but getting D6 shots and D3+3 Dmg instead, making each one that hits much more reliable, as well as offering more shots to deal with a greater variety of threats. Finally you can add on 2 Supa Shootas for 20pts, to give it more guns to deal with infantry. Overall their output is great, but the points rack up very quickly if loaded with wargear (potentially 230pts if maxed out, which frankly isn’t worth it), so consider what their role will be and keep them as cheap as possible in that role, be it to go solely tank hunting from a distance, or to support other Flyers.

Lords of War Back to Contents

Both the ‘Nauts have a healthy TITANIC statline, with T8 and 24W, though are lacking any native Invulnerables as well as no Ramshackle, so their 3+ will only go so far. Regardless of type, they each have 2 Twin Big Shootas and 2 Rokkit Launchas for a mix of firepower, as well as the ability to transport up to 6 models, should you wish to drop off a small unit for Actions or Objective nabbing. Slow at 8” on their top profile, and with degrading WS and A, they are in a strange position of wanting to get into melee to utilise their great melee weapon (either a massive Str 16 -4 Dmg6, or triple attacks with Str 8 -2 D2), whilst peppering away with their guns, but they’re a bit too slow and not that survivable to make it intact, if at all. Fortunately they can move over non-VEHICLES/MONSTERS in the Movement Phase, which helps them a bit, though their massive size still makes them tricky to maneuver. 


With 2 Kustom Blasta type weapons for a total of 4D3 shots when in range of both, the Morkanaut can really pile on the pain against heavier targets, though BS5 is as always a mitigator. Can be upgraded with a Kustom Force Field, which is pretty much essential despite it’s hefty 30pts (on top of its already pricey 350), and given the large base size it does make it an effective buffer to other units. At only 4A, it’s not quite as choppy as the Gorkanaut, but still can put out some hurt when needed. 


Instead of the Mega-blasta weapons, you get a Skorcha and a Deffstorm Mega-shoota, effectively 5 Supa Shootas strapped together for some infantry munching ranged firepower. With 5A its the more “melee” of the two, and really needs to get up there as soon as possible to leverage the threat it can output, as 365pts does not a cheap unit make.

I mean you aren’t going to use him in normal games as he can barely fit through the terrain on most boards, but fine. Take a ‘Naut chassis, slap about 310ish pts more on it, give it 12 more wounds, more guns with greater damage output, more combat punch, and 20 transport capacity. It also self repairs for D3 on a 2+ (no need to have a Mek following it around), as well as 6” aura for Orks to reroll Morale. But it’s huge. Like, practically-impossible-to-use-in-normal-games-huge. And with only its base stats and maybe a nearby Force Field to protect it, those 40W will go fairly quickly depending on what you’re facing. Fun, but just that.

Fortifications Back to Contents

An bunch of untargetable piles of scrap, tirewalls and toolsheds, offering you 7 fairly large Obstacles with the standard barricade type terrain traits, all set up within 6” of the main Workbench, giving you a fairly large area to work with if you so wish. As long as it’s in your army you can have two of the same Kustom Job, and if a MEK type model is within 1” of something part of it they get 2 extra abilities. The first lets them heal an additional wound to any VEHICLE they repair, which is fine if you’re bunkering up around it, whilst the second opens up an Action provided it’s within 1” of the Workbench and a non-TITANIC VEHICLE stays within 3” of the Workbench. Completed at the end of your turn, you then give an eligible Kustom Job to that VEHICLE though it can stop working on a 1 at the end of each Battle Round. For 70pts its a cheap set of portable terrain, which whilst not amazing given the basic Save for Orks being terrible, it can still help in a pinch, and can be useful to enhance a VEHICLE with minimum downsides, especially if you’re using a basic MEK who can’t shoot or provide Auras anyways, and the VEHICLE in question is still eligible to Shoot that turn so you won’t lose too much offense depending on positioning.

An immovable bunker with a fairly robust T8, 12W, 3+ and Ramshackle, the bunker protects up to 10 Infantry whilst also being Open Topped, letting a shooting unit have a solid anchor in your backfield, provided you can set it up in a favourable position. Comes standard with a Big Shoota (with options for 3 more at 5pts each), as well as a Shoutin’ Pole to let them have the basic Datasheet Aura of an embarked WARBOSS, which might not be necessary given they’re predominantly melee based, but for 5pts it’s hardly a big ask. It also packs the Gaze of Gork for some short ranged firepower, either attacking everything within 3” of a point within 24” for D6 Str 5 -1 D1 shots, or firing an 18” line that auto hits any unit underneath it for a Str 9 -4 Dmg 3 shot. Either one is nice to have, though nothing special. The main benefit is to offer an 80pt bit of protection to a unit like Flash Gitz or Lootas who want to stay a bit back and shoot at anything that enters their field of view, whilst remaining relatively safe from retaliation. 

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Mr T
2 years ago

Can anyone help with a little discussion my friends are having! Are units in transports effected by the Waaaagh when it is called?

Christopher Jon Ansara
Christopher Jon Ansara
2 years ago

Since the loss of 4chan tactics these articles are gold.

2 years ago

Thanks for writing these, as someone looking at starting an Ork army this was very helpful!

Simon Horner
Simon Horner
2 years ago

Well done. Nicely written.

Lodge Warrior Member
2 years ago

This was a great read, thanks Chef!

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Lodge Member
2 years ago

Hey, more Guides! Very nice, I just read the other guides for Sisters, Death Guard and even Space Marines even if I play the noble Sons of the Great Angel myself, but nice to know the Rules and *shenanigans* of all the other Chapters. Well, whatever, Thank you Chef for all this precious work! Much appreciate it! 🙏 🤗