The Black Legion: The Blades of the Eye | Warhammer 40,00 Lore Study

Avatar Spider August 27, 202023  5 23 Likes

YouTube video

Mattias Soros returns to continue your education with one of the fell warbands of the Black Legion, The Blades of the Eye.

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Lodge Member
3 years ago

This (and the fact that I actually ready the crusade rules properly and realized they are actually pretty simple) has me on a bit of a converting mission, assembling my command crew to embark on my first crusade……
Problem now is I wanna start about 5……….
Must concentrate on one, must concentrate on one………………….

3 years ago

Ooo lore, glad to see the fluff back around!

Lodge Warrior Member
3 years ago

I was missing this! Nice work!

Paul Butcher
Paul Butcher
3 years ago

Crusade! Crusade! Crusade! Lawrence! Please launch the crusade!!!!

Lodge Warrior Member
3 years ago

Yes! ✊