Codex Adepta Sororitas Top 5 Changes | Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus

Avatar The Chef October 13, 202113  9 13 Likes

YouTube video

Beard and Jinx talk Sisters of Battle, as they run through the big changes of their Codex!

00:00 Intro

01:49 Detachment Rules, Shield of Faith & Sacred Rites

06:47 Acts of Faith & Zealot

10:53 Order Convictions- Our Martyred Lady, Valorous Heart & Bloody Rose

21:58 Order Convictions – Ebon Chalice, Argent Shroud & Sacred Rose

32:25 New Units and Changes

51:24 Conclusions

52:36 Fear the reaping whirlwind

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Jason McCoy
Jason McCoy
2 years ago

Allocating attacks comes after rolling hits and wounds. So the condemner boltgun would not deal its mortal wounds until that point.

David Gwynn
Lodge Member
David Gwynn
2 years ago

Beard, are you intentionally trying to sound like Alan Partridge? I wanna see a showdown between Beard Partridge and El Beardo

Steven Andres
Steven Andres
2 years ago

Not gonna lie… I missed the “SIMULACRUM IMPERIALIS” in this video. Those epic pronunciations are my favorite.

Edit* glad to see they come in the video later

Ryan Travis
2 years ago

Just took my sisters to my first mini tournament and went 2-1 (w/l) and were great to play with

Lodge Warrior Member
2 years ago

In this edition I still did not use my Sisters as much as I used my Death Guard or Iron Hands, but all the same I played them in a good number of games. I think that Bloody Rose is still the most competitive subfaction by far, cause it makes the best units you can field even more efficient and thanks to the Sacresants with their shields you can even offset their “glass cannon” aspect. After them comes Ebon Chalice for the MW output, miracle dices shenanigans and CP regeneration, and maybe Argent Shroud if you want to advance and… Read more »

Wael Riad
Lodge Member
2 years ago

Hi team 😀

I can’t cast on the TV whenever you post on YouTube too?

I have Samsung 12 and even the tablet?