Orks vs Necrons 2000pts | Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report

Avatar The Chef December 18, 202140  58 40 Likes

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It’s Maelstrom time babbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyy! Beard and Chef face off with an old school Schemes of War mission in this epic clash of Xenos!

00:00 Intro
01:53 Necron Army List
04:58 Ork Army List
07:23 Deployment
08:05 Game Intro and Mission
10:11 Game
2:03:27 THE MAJESTY!

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The Army Lists are


++ Battalion Detachment ++

Clan Kultur: Blood Axes

+ HQ +

Warboss: Warlord- Brutal but Kunnin, Relic- Straight Shoota, Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Kombi-rokkit

Big Mek: Kustom Force Field, Grot Oiler

+ Troops +

19x Boyz
Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
18x Ork Boyz: Choppa, Slugga

10x Gretchin

10x Gretchin

+ Elites +

5x Kommandos
Boss Nob: Power Klaw
4x Kommando: Choppa, Slugga

5x Kommandos
Boss Nob: Power Klaw
4x Kommando: Choppa, Slugga

+ Fast Attack +

15x Stormboyz
Boss Nob: Choppa, Slugga
14x Stormboy: Choppa, Slugga

15x Stormboyz
Boss Nob: Choppa, Slugga
14x Stormboy: Choppa, Slugga

6x Warbikers
Boss Nob: Big Choppa
5x Warbiker: Choppa

+ Heavy Support +

Battlewagon: Deff Rolla, Wreckin’ Ball

Battlewagon: Kustom Job- Fortress on Wheels

Lootas: Kustom Job- Zzapkrumpaz
12x Loota: Deffgun
3x Spanner: Kustom Mega-Blasta

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment ++

+ Lord of War +

Morkanaut: Big Krumpaz

++ Total: 1,996pts ++


++ Battalion Detachment ++
+ Configuration +
Dynastic Code: Mephrit
+ HQ +
Overlord: Warlord Trait: Implacable Conqueror, Relic- Sempiternal Weave, Hand of the Phaeron, Voidscythe
Skorpekh Lord: Dynastic Heirlooms- Veil of Darkness, Rarified Nobility- Merciless Tyrant
Technomancer: Staff of Light, Canoptek Cloak
+ Troops +
10x Immortals: Gauss Blasters
10x Immortals: Gauss Blasters
5x Immortals: Tesla Carbine
+ Elites +
Canoptek Plasmacyte
Canoptek Reanimator
10x Lychguard: Hyperphase Sword & Dispersion Shield
5x Skorpekh Destroyers
+ Fast Attack +
5x Canoptek Wraiths: Vicious Claws
+ Heavy Support +
Canoptek Doomstalker
Canoptek Doomstalker
5x Lokhust Destroyers: Gauss Cannons
++ Total: 2,000pts ++

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James Mullan
James Mullan(@james-mullan)
3 days ago

Is anyone else having problems watching freeview stuff on the app? Really laggy. Pretty much in watchable. But it works fine on YouTube???

13 days ago

So good to see maelstrom back!! Please make this a regular event, they’re so entertaining to watch. Also have you considered picking any of the multitude of narratively focused missions from the campaign books? It would really mix things up with unconventional deployment maps and victory conditions. Both Vigilus books have a really good set and they’re still perfectly functional in 9th. I played one a couple of weeks ago and it was an absolute blast, with objectives appearing at random around the battlefield each turn of the game.

USS Sylvester
USS Sylvester(@christopher-sylvester)
21 days ago

Love it when beard and chef play together so much fun and energy lol 😂 I’ll bet we all wanted was for the ork dread to explode we was all willing it lol 😂 couldn’t believe it when it did was like yes 😂😂😂

25 days ago

Excellent. Nothing else needed to comment here.

Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson(@aaronwilson)
26 days ago

This was amazing, so much fun, so much enjoyment, so much sillyness.
From one of your long time fans, a huge thank you to the team from me. The new additions of Jinx & James have both been perfect fits, the content you produce is still the best 40k content in the world.
Long may it continue, merry christmas and happy new year guys.

26 days ago

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the maelstrom game. Easily the best version of 40k there has ever been, close games with some randomness rather than the bland lethality of 9th edition where every single game plays the same way. Also, really enjoyed how much you guys enjoyed playing this! Thank you for putting the work into making these rules work for 9th – something GW clearly aren’t interested in after their abortive white dwarf maelstrom abomination.

Dorn Jr
Dorn Jr(@dorn-jr)
27 days ago

23:30 Jinx: “Come down to Bath, we’ll get together and play some Maelstrom, have a few laughs … . 😉💝

27 days ago

“I don’t wanna hear that statistical nonsense”
This is why Beard is a Legend!!!!

28 days ago

That, was the BEST!!!!!

Huw Tindall
Huw Tindall(@huwtindall)
28 days ago

Maelstrom for the win! Just really throws constant spanners in the works and forces armies to have to adapt on the run and pick different lists to accommodate the unkown.

28 days ago

One of the best and funniest games ever.

Matthew Jarvis
Matthew Jarvis(@starlord23)
28 days ago

Bring back maelstrom!!! So so good. One of the best games in ages!!! So much fun.

29 days ago

The director himself has said Die Hard is a Christmas film. Sorry Jinx!

Ben H
Ben H(@benjamin-hunt)
29 days ago

This was great fun to watch. Are you just using 8th edition cards to build the decks? Never got to play maelstrom but it seems fun.

Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham(@chris-cunningham)
29 days ago

I’m starting to add BAAAAAAAABBBBBYYYYY to the end of most of my sentences and is now ingrained in my vocabulary so thanks for that Beard ❤️ I now really want to play a game of maelstrom, awesome video and an great starting point for me as I’ve just started collecting Crons for the first time.

P.s Die Hard is a Christmas movie masterpiece

Grant Woodfin
Grant Woodfin(@redwolf89)
30 days ago

I agree with Katy. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!

Sam Reed
Sam Reed(@sam-reed)
30 days ago

Well done beard you magical man! And Chef – always the wizard. I just love watching your games because you just know everything. Its terrifying. Jinks! Smashing it behind the camera. Just so good I have nothing more of value.

Mike S.
Mike S.(@mike-streffing)
30 days ago

Whaaaat a game! Really enjoyed this one. I had to laugh so hard sometimes 😀
It’s nice to see and feel your friendship. It’s almost like playing with my mates 🙂

Mark Orosz
Mark Orosz(@mark-orosz)
30 days ago

Really enjoyed this one. Fun match and maelstrom was a nice shake up.

Carl Mitchell
Carl Mitchell(@carl-mitchell)
30 days ago

My Favourite video for a lot while!!!

Jack Beaman
Jack Beaman(@jack-beaman)
30 days ago

28 mortal wounds from an explosion is absolutely amazing! Had a big knight explode and take out 1,000pts of my army recently (including a Lord of Skulls, who also exploded) – it’s just hilarious!

30 days ago

Yessssss. I miss maelstrom, “hold…hold…hold more” is getting a smidge boring.

Philippe Boulanger
Philippe Boulanger(@philippe_boulanger)
30 days ago

Please feel free to play as many games of Maelstrom as you want ! The fact that the rules are dated does not affect the entertainment at all. 🤩

Major Triphazard
Major Triphazard(@scott-errington-bazley)
30 days ago

This was a fantastic game to watch, would love to see more maelstrom in future! Oh and Die Hard is absolutely a christmas movie, to say otherwise is heresy.

Kal Spriggs
Kal Spriggs(@jacob-spriggs)
30 days ago

Maelstrom is so much more fun. The standard game is just too chess-like at this point

Daniel Vogt
Daniel Vogt(@daniel-vogt)
30 days ago

Okay Chef I need your expertise. If I give a unit the benefits of cover with for example the Ablator, do rules like the Imperial fists straight up ignore that?

1 month ago

I loved the return of the Maelstrom!!! I have missed it. Great game!
Sorry Jinx but Chef is correct. Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie every made! Followed closely by Lethal Weapon. Check out the Die Hard Christmas book on Amazon for more proof.

Christopher Strein
Christopher Strein(@christopher-strein)
1 month ago

As much as I enjoy competitive and the experimentation casual games, it’s great to see a fun game of maelstrom again! So excited for the future narrative battles that Lawrence alluded to as well.

Dave Cullen
Dave Cullen(@dave-cullen)
1 month ago

Great game guys, hugely entertaining!

Brett Pettitt
Brett Pettitt(@dominus1981)
1 month ago

Going to watch this bundle of joy whilst assembling bits from shadow throne and painting up more minis. Go go Maelstrom!!!

Leon Wait
Leon Wait(@leon-wait)
1 month ago

They are people like us who know Die hard is a Christmas film and those people who are wrong 🙂 great game as well as a good laugh, always love a good Maelstrom game

1 month ago

Oh my, oh my, I really wish you played Maelstorm even a tiny bit more often, it brings back memories, and it just the pure enjoyment to watch… Also, good to see some good old Xenos on Xenos action.

Last edited 30 days ago by Viktor
Christian Kvist
Christian Kvist(@christian-kvist)
1 month ago

when can we see Chef’s magnificent skills with the Thounsand Sons again?

Last edited 1 month ago by Christian Kvist
1 month ago

I never liked to play Maelstrom, I hated it in 8th… but I love to watch you guys play it! You manage to make it fun and entertaining even for grumpy old me.
P.S. Die Hard is “THE” Christmas movie. Ignore the naysayers.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stefano
1 month ago

I have to say I am REALLY enjoying that you are showing unit movement on camera. It makes it a lot easier to understand the flow of the game and I hope you guys continue to do that. Thank you as always for the shows!

Erik Ramvi
Erik Ramvi(@icecool)
1 month ago

@Admin: Will Bone come some times as guest and play warhammer on the channel?

Jonathan Haynes
Jonathan Haynes(@jonathan-haynes)
1 month ago

This should be interesting

Edwin Pretty
Edwin Pretty(@edwin-pretty)
1 month ago

Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. “Now I have a machine Dakka. Ho Ho Ho.”

Mikhail Davis
Mikhail Davis(@mikhail_davis)
1 month ago

Beard, Die Hard is a Christmas movie and I will die hard on that hill.

1 month ago

Yasss my 2 favourite Xenos

Joerg Kuehling
Joerg Kuehling(@joerg-kuehling)
1 month ago

I hate to say it, but: PRIMETIME BABY!

Benoit Cappez
Benoit Cappez(@benoit-cappez)
1 month ago

Groooovy time with logic necrons and operatic Waaaagh

David Behrens
David Behrens(@david-behrens)
1 month ago

Maelstrom, yeah!!!