Codex Thousand Sons Top 5 Changes | Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus

Avatar The Chef September 8, 202122  29 22 Likes

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In this latest Faction Focus Spider and Chef turn their gaze to the big changes wrought unto the Sons of Prospero!

00:00 Intro

01:39 Army Rules

07:30 Cabbalistic Rituals

15:33 Cults of the Legion

31:44 Stat Changes

40:51 Points Changes

47:37 Conclusion

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Justin Prato
Justin Prato(@justin-prato)
2 months ago

Great review. I have been playing “thousand sons” since like 3rd edition (using rubrics and arhiman) so I love this faction. I think the book is good, but not overpowered. In my opinion there is only two misses. One is that Tzgors can’t ride in a Rhino, which hurts the Rhino’s uses. And two is the Enlightened. They are way to expensive. Also they should have split the unit into Enlightened with what they are, but made the Bow guys Skyfires, like in AOS, and given them the rule that 6’s to wound cause a mortal wound (you know like… Read more »

Daniel Bromley
Daniel Bromley(@daniel-bromley)
2 months ago

So happy when I saw this video was out 😀

Philippe Boulanger
Philippe Boulanger(@philippe_boulanger)
2 months ago

Cool stuff. I’m eager to watch the other two.

Brett Pettitt
Brett Pettitt(@dominus1981)
2 months ago

So if you use the ability to cast a power on its minimum to cast and you have cast smite 5 times does that make the minimum for it ten plus 1 to a super smite?

Andrew Cradduck
Andrew Cradduck(@andrew-cradduck)
2 months ago

Great wrap up! Love this style of video format. 🙂
I love the new TS book, it’s been a joy to play and has almost single-handedly gotten me back into 9th edition. (I play CSMs and TSs, so I’ve been enjoying some AoS while I waited for an update) The only unit I was down on at first was Magnus, and I’ve quickly changed my opinion in that regard after playing some games with him.

Jason Hoy
Jason Hoy(@jason-hoy)
2 months ago

@Chef what’s your opinion on how capricious crest interacts with rerolls? I keep seeing posts that differ on how it’s interpreted. (Assuming you use it on an enemy unit, the wording is that you can change “any roll of a 6” to a 1 for that psychic test, not just the initial roll. I keep seeing interpretations that state that because it’s ANY 6 for that test you could change a rerolled 6 to a 1 because RAW it doesn’t state “change one dice”, it’s “any 6” for that psychic test and the result isn’t just their first attempt at… Read more »

2 months ago

As always it was an interesting analysis. I like how they gave the TSons this interesting mechanic, the closer they go to the fluff the better! I hope you are right and this time they nailed the right balance in the strength of the book.

Cole Harris
Cole Harris(@brawler215)
2 months ago

Great summary! I definitely feel like the Thousand Sons have become much improved. I recently played a game against Necrons and the Rubricae just blasted the Necrons back into the tomb world. My question for you is do you think that with all of these buffs added onto the Rubric Marines do you think that they are too cheap compared to Intercessors? Psychic unit, AP-2 inferno bolters, All is Dust, and a 5++ is quite a lot to stack on for an additional 3 ppm over an 18 pt Intercessor. His warriors and immortals just bounced off of my Rubricae… Read more »

James Foster
James Foster(@james-foster)
2 months ago

Still working my way through, thanks gents! Love the format.

@Chef – Cult of Duplicity warlord trait is D3 units AND your warlord! Select the d3 units, move them and your warlord. Extra bit of tasty

2 months ago

Makes me want to collect some TS 🙂

Jack Kypreos
Jack Kypreos(@jack-kypreos)
2 months ago

I get joy when that push notification pops!!

Edwin Pretty
Edwin Pretty(@edwin-pretty)
2 months ago

The warp storms are strong, our Astropaths are having a bad evening trying to receive the message.

Mikhail Davis
Mikhail Davis(@mikhail_davis)
2 months ago

Uh oh, was I too early?