Death Guard vs Adeptus Mechanicus 2000pts | Warhammer 40,000 League Report

Avatar The Chef December 4, 202147  44 47 Likes

YouTube video

Beard returns to the command of a left-field Death Guard Daemon Engine force, but can they withstand the punishing firepower of Stig and the Ad Mech?!

00:00 Intro
01:39 Adeptus Mechanicus Army List
03:39 Death Guard Army List
05:50 Mission – Scorched Earth
06:48 Game Intro
08:13 Game
1:40:39 Just two professionals trying to roll dice

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The Army Lists are:

Death Guard


Adeptus Mechanicus


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John Barber
John Barber(@onifeez)
1 month ago

I feel like you coul dget rid of the Dreadnoughts and replace em with Terminators and it’d be more interesting, although I think there is a theme here that you’re going for.

John Barber
John Barber(@onifeez)
1 month ago

For the wound limitations with Curse of the Leper (I didn’t think there as such a thing), I assume you would have to roll a dice for all the mortal wounds inflicted, and then if you fail x, just apply up to the 3 mortal wounds. So if Beard successfully resolved with 5 dice that are eligble to wound, you’d still have to roll the 5 (plus the 1 for Pestilential Fallout), but you would only apply up to 3 +1 even if you failed 5 dice. Otherwise there’d be sort of no point to rolling the additional dice in… Read more »

1 month ago

Stig – you really need to improve that hand eye co-ordination. Or maybe you need a training trough to practice rolling in the proscribed area 😂

Matt Hall
Matt Hall(@matt-hall)
1 month ago

A great game my two favorites army’s, the AD can be a bit tricky to play with or put together for a mates game sometimes,with luck on there side and good buffs the fire power they have can be overwhelming. Great for tournaments but have to rien them in a bit for a friendly game.The mathematics and options of the Mechs are only dependent on how much money and time you have spare.

Jack Beaman
Jack Beaman(@jack-beaman)
1 month ago

@Beard – I played a similar list to yours at LGT – he had 105 summoning points for Epidiemius, synergises really well with daemon engine lists! T9 PBCs is no joke!

Sam Newman
Sam Newman(@sam-newman)
1 month ago

I wonder about dropping the hell-brutes for a a contemptor or two with volkites on this list, perhaps with the tallyman. It’s core so you can give it the plus 1, and the volkites can do a good job of work against horde armies and the mortal wound output its handy for AT too. With the tallyman you could take the relic that gives exploding sixes, which just gives you more chances to generate mortals on the wound roll. If you want to be extra annoying, deathshroud’s body guard ability works with contemptors, which feels very cool and a bit… Read more »

1 month ago

Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Scary and Beardy. The original six. Sadly Beardy Spice left just before the break. The talent is clearly still there!

1 month ago

Brilliant to see Stig back!

Congratulations on the win Beard. Blast, remember blast on the mortars! Fairly sure you you’d have been getting minimum three a fair few times.

Luke Lemon
Luke Lemon(@luke-lemon)
1 month ago

AM seem pretty exhausting to play against…

Johan Røikjer
Johan Røikjer(@johan-roikjer)
1 month ago

Wait, does curse the leaper cap at 3 MW???

Stuart Hay
Stuart Hay(@stuart-hay)
1 month ago

List suggestion for Beard: See about dropping one of the Plaguecasters and a Helbrute, and squeeze in a Daemon Prince? I do like the ironclot furnace on your Plaguecaster.

Carl Mitchell
Carl Mitchell(@carl-mitchell)
1 month ago

whens the next thousand sons match?

Jonathan Archer
Jonathan Archer(@jonathan_archer)
1 month ago

Not sure I would take Helbrutes without any CORE-buffing abilities…

Benoit Cappez
Benoit Cappez(@benoit-cappez)
1 month ago

Really nice and tight game! And, for a drukhari list, didn’t see any … weyrd as Warp could be… (have a look at The Beard’s army list at the beginning). Cheers everyone and eager for the next one!

Robin Ling
Robin Ling(@robinling)
1 month ago

Amazing game. Two great lists. It’s so nice to see fun, competitive games. Nobody is “that guy” at a tournament

1 month ago

Round of applause for post credits little montage 😁

Philippe Boulanger
Philippe Boulanger(@philippe_boulanger)
1 month ago

Stiiiiiiggy 💚

Ralle Reloaded
Ralle Reloaded(@ralf-sichert)
1 month ago

Can’t understand how you could EVER AGAIN let Stig walk out of the studio…. Kinda funny to say that I really missed him. I even was concerned if he would return anymore after employing James (now don’t you get me wrong on that, I LOVE Katie and James and of course all of the other guys, but….the more, the merrier, right?).
BUT HEY, he’s back again, so….happy Ralle 😁😁

1 month ago

Great and actually fun game with great lists. Always really liked the idea of a super-resilient-pure-vehicle list. The only thing that’s weird is that regardless of playing one of the most broken OP codexes, still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Lady Luck struck again and despite doing almost everything right, despite playing a strong army and using it well, Stig again drew a tough match-up. Well, it happens, hope that one day the toaster-boys gonna win.

1 month ago

Love that Death Guard skew list! Maybe Myphitic Blight-Haulers instead of the hellbrutes? More daemon engine goodness and there is a great stratagem to keep them alive (belching fumes).
Great game!

1 month ago

Nice, always good to see Stig!

Brett Pettitt
Brett Pettitt(@dominus1981)
1 month ago

I really love these games when they are so close. Well played to you both, so many rules to remember though. In regards to your list Beard – it would be a good idea to pitch it up against some of the newer codices that could potentially counter it – it was a very good first outing and it would be nice to see you play it again.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brett Pettitt
Miles Scholl
Miles Scholl(@miles-scholl)
1 month ago


Norman Greenberg
Norman Greenberg(@norman-greenberg)
1 month ago

Beard, did you consider replacing the hellbrutes with blight haulers and saving the points to summon in epidemius? He can give armywide rerolls to all the daemon engines as well as a bunch of other bonuses depending on how much you kill

1 month ago

As always is nice to see The Stig! @Beard: I am not really convinced by this list, especially now that there are things like the still-unnerfed Grey Knights around: as I saw in the last tournament I took part they have a spell that can offset Disgustingly Resiliant and considering the weight of their shooting phase and their obnoxious psychic phase they can chew through a good portion of those vehicles quite fast. Also I think you might have a problems holding on to objectives, and while our Terminators don’t have ObSec they are quite good in contesting/shifting objective control…… Read more »

Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor(@jeremy-taylor-1712)
1 month ago

Stig and Beard bat-rep! OHHHHHH BABY!!!!!!

Mark Glanville
Mark Glanville(@mark-glanville)
1 month ago

Nice to see Death Guard get some love feels like forever since I last saw them in a batrep.

Kaibong deity
Kaibong deity(@kaibong-deity)
1 month ago

Two of my fave armies, exciting !

1 month ago

You’re too kind! ☺️

Stuart Hargreaves
Stuart Hargreaves(@stuart-hargreaves)
1 month ago

Looking forward to another fun game as always lads

Last edited 1 month ago by Stuart Hargreaves