Codex Adeptus Custodes Top 5 Changes | Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus

Avatar The Beard January 8, 202241  11 41 Likes

YouTube video

Chef & Beard sit down and discuss the new Adeptus Custodes Codex release and an overview of the key changes in the new book!

For even further details, be sure to check out our in depth Tactical Guide!

00:00 Intro
02:33 Detachment Rules
07:25 Shield Hosts
14:58 Stratagems & Captain-Commanders
16:58 Warlord Traits & Relics
21:23 Datasheet Abilities
24:00 Martial Ka’tah
30:24 Stat Changes
40:54 Points Changes
42:05 Outro
44:21 The best names ever?

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joshua tran
joshua tran(@joshua-tran)
1 day ago

The Martial Ka’tah rule says that if every unit from your army has the Adeptus Custodes keyword (excluding Anthema Psykana, agents of the imperium and unaligned units), and every unit that is assigned to the same shield host, this unit can use this ability. My Forgeworld book shows both Adeptus Cudstodes and Shield Host listed as keywords on all the units so I am very confused as to why they don’t get this Rule. Can someone point out to me what I am missing here?

Last edited 1 day ago by joshua tran
Philippe Boulanger
Philippe Boulanger(@philippe_boulanger)
4 days ago

Thanks guys ! I’ll admit this is not my favorite army, but new rules are always fun.

I don’t know if you can say it, have you playtested all these codexes ?


Dean Brereton
Dean Brereton(@dean-brereton)
6 days ago

These are great, thanks gents

Mark Orosz
Mark Orosz(@mark-orosz)
7 days ago

Technically Chef all language is made up. So it doesn’t matter how you pronounce anything!

Dylan Keller
Dylan Keller(@iron-father-dalmech)
7 days ago

Would be cool to see Sanga, make up a blade champion to look like “Roronoa Zoro” from the anime one piece. Because he uses three swords one in each hand and one in his teeth.

9 days ago

All words are made up, Chef! Nice highlight video.

9 days ago

Kata is a, presumably japanese, word that means a series of moves/blows/kicks in karate for example.

10 days ago

You’re a slippery fish, Chef! But a superb dude all round!

10 days ago

Dudes, what is this about a change to a lot of the point values in the Munitorum Field Manual… expected soon? Seems weird to change so many point values already!?