**NEW CODEX** Adeptus Custodes vs Genestealer Cult 2,000pts | Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report

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It’s a double whammy as the esteemed Custodes take on the insidious Genestealer Cults in this New Codex Showdown!

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Adeptus Custodes Tactical Guide!

Genestealer Cults Tactical Guide!

00:00 Intro
02:25 Adeptus Custodes List
06:31 Genestealer Cults List
11:02 Mission – Scorched Earth
12:01 Game Start
14:55 Game
2:15:46 The mighty martial stances of the Adeptus Custodes

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The Army Lists are:

Adeptus Custodes

++ Battalion Detachment ++

Shield Host: Dread Host

+ HQ +

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike: Warlord- Superior Creation, Victor of the Blood Games- Radiant Mantle, Relic- Auric Acquillas, Captain-Commander- Tip of the Spear, Salvo Launcher

Allarus Shield Captain: Warlord Trait- All-Seeing Annihilator, Relic- Obliteratum, Castellan Axe

+ Troops +

4x Custodian Guard: Guardian Spears

4x Custodian Guard: Sentinel Blade, Praesidium Shield

3x Sagittarum Custodians

+ Elites +

4x Allarus Custodians: Castellan Axe

Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought: Eternal Penitent, Twin Adrathic Destructor, Achillus Dreadspear

Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armor: Vexilla Defensor

+ Fast Attack +

3x Venatari Custodians: Kinetic Destroyer, Tarsus Buckler

++ Total: 2,000pts ++

Genestealer Cults

++ Battalion Detachment ++
Cult Creed: Rusted Claw
+ HQ +
Patriarch: Warlord- Entropic Touch, Relic- The Nomad’s Mantle, Powers- Mass Hypnosis, Might From Beyond
Primus: Leaders of the Cult- Alien Majesty
Jackal Alphus: Leaders of the Cult- Prowling Agitate
Magus: Powers- Mind Control, Psychic Stimulus
+ Troops +
15x Acolyte Hybrids: Proficient Planning- A Trap Is Sprung, Cult Icon
Acolyte Leader: Cult Claws and Knife, Autopistol
4x Acolyte Hybrids: Heavy Rock Saw
10x Acolyte Hybrids: Cult Claws and Knife, Autopistol
5x Acolyte Hybrids
Acolyte Leader: Cult Claws and Knife, Hand Flamer
4x Acolyte Hybrids: Cult Claws and Knife, Hand Flamer
10x Neophyte Hybrids
Neophyte Leader: Chainsword, Autopistol
2x Neophyte Hybrids: Grenade Launchers
2x Neophyte Hybrids: Mining Lasers
5x Neophyte Hybrids: 5x Autoguns
10x Neophyte Hybrids
Neophyte Leader: Chainsword, Autopistol
2x Neophyte Hybrids: Grenade Launchers
2x Neophyte Hybrids: Mining Lasers
5x Neophyte Hybrids: 5x Autoguns
10x Neophyte Hybrids
Neophyte Leader: Chainsword, Autopistol
2x Neophyte Hybrids: Grenade Launchers
2x Neophyte Hybrids: Mining Lasers
5x Neophyte Hybrids: 5x Autoguns
+ Elites +
6x Aberrants
Kelermorph: Gene-sire’s Gifts- Wyrmtooth Rounds
Nexos: Gene-sire’s Gifts- Cranial Inlay
+ Fast Attack +
3x Achilles Ridgerunners
3x Achilles Ridgerunner: Heavy Mining Laser, Flare Launcher
5x Atalan Jackals
Atalan Leader: Grenade Launcher, Demolition Charge
Atalan Jackal: Atalan Small Arms, Demolition Charge
3x Atalan Jackal: Atalan Small Arms
+ Heavy Support +
Goliath Rockgrinder: Clearance Incinerator, Cache of Demolition Charges
+ Dedicated Transport +
Goliath Truck
Goliath Truck
Goliath Truck
++ Total: 2,000pts ++

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5 days ago

Amazing game, love the chemistry between the players and I always love to see the custards getting a run out. That solar watch scheme is _gorgeous_. Great way to introduce the two books. On the tall helmets – traditionally tall helmets are used to give “presence” (think the UK bobby bell helmet) so the sheer size makes them more imposing and terifying. Given that those alchemical man beasts are larger than the poor cultists on bikes _already_ it seems a little overkill. Praetor was a rank in the roman judiciary; below a consul and were assumed to have wide ranging… Read more »

Mark Merfield
Mark Merfield(@mark-merfield)
6 days ago

One of the funniest bat reps I’ve watched in a while. Really enjoyed it

Martin Payne
Martin Payne(@martin-payne)
6 days ago

Awesome game, really entertaining. Custodes seem to be the unstoppable force, who would be their immovable opposition, hmm.

6 days ago

Lovely batrep. They are very slick these days. Great job.
I also love how the Avatar of Khaine dropped his poop everywhere.

Matt Hall
Matt Hall(@matt-hall)
7 days ago

Tiger upper Emperors knee👁

7 days ago

Great report as alwyas guys. I wondered, would you ever create a report with a Sisters of Silence army. Would be interested to see how they play!

Jesse Kent
Jesse Kent(@jesse-kent)
7 days ago

Such a fun game to watch! Loved the seeing both of these armies and I’m glad to hear Chef will be bringing them more often.

8 days ago

Oh that was so entertaining! Great game guys, the fun you had just poured from the screen. And damn the GSC are tempting. Not looked into the book in detail but what I’ve seen so far looks like so much fun to use! If only I could paint a million times faster, then I’d be buying into GSC for sure. Very excited to see them feature more regularly now!

8 days ago

Great game. One of the best ever.
Chef smiling all the way with his Genestealer Cult.
Beard on song as usual.

Top quality.


max driemer
max driemer(@max-driemer)
8 days ago

Just 12 minutes in but seeing how excited chef is already puts a smile on my face.

8 days ago

Why do Custodes have such weirdly shaped helmets? BECAUSE THEY ARE IN FACT BANANAS IN DISGUISE!!!

8 days ago

Great report, so much fun, I just feel like the custodes are in a rough spot, just like every “Elite” army now and the Codex has been more of a sidegrade than an upgrade for most of the stuff. Now -1D is everywhere, everybody gets disgustingly-resilient-waveserpent-dreadnaught-like rules. Even with the new codex Custodes are still struggling with anti-tank, one shooting phase, and a few lascannons and you’ve lost like 40-50% of your army, so the resilience department is also pretty bad. I would understand giving custodes +1 wound across the board. like 4 wound troops, 5 wound termies, that wouldn’t… Read more »

Riley Fitzgerald
Riley Fitzgerald(@riley-fitzgerald)
9 days ago

Chef looks so happy playing GSC! New favorite army, Chef?

Ben H
Ben H(@benjamin-hunt)
9 days ago

“Are you going to hit R1 at the right time?” I love that Chef is an FF8 fan (or at least can make jokes about it).

Really enjoyed watching this game. Both books look to have plenty of depth, but neither seems obviously broken like some which shall remain unnamed.

James Wildman
James Wildman(@james-wildman)
9 days ago

Great report guys!

If it helps, “Praetor” in Latin is a rank relating to civil government.

I can’t confirm this with any books or googling, but my guess is that since both the Vexilla bearer and the bikers are canonically veterans, the “Praetor” in their name is some kind of veteran rank signifier.

[What does veteran even mean when your basic troops are immortal demigods who might be 1,000s of years old? Good question]

Thijs Schrijnemakers
Thijs Schrijnemakers(@thijs-schrijnemakers)
9 days ago

The fun you guys had is palpable. I liked Chefs outflanking. Fun to watch, thanks for the video

9 days ago

This was fun although cult buggies having -1 dam is ridonk

Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson(@matthew-wilkinson-4900)
9 days ago

Nice! New subscriber here. Loving the content. I really want to do a cult army but I must finish my waaagh! First

Joseph Hawkins
Joseph Hawkins(@josephhawkins)
9 days ago

Brilliant job getting all of these articles and the game out so quickly, really enjoyed all of your content, particularly as I play both armies! Thanks guys.

10 days ago

Look. Look. I’m not saying I would eat a custodes any any given day. But. Given the chance, I’m just saying that if one was going to eat a custodes, you’d want them cooked in the armour to seal in the juices. the Chef is of course, true to his nom de guerre.

Brett Pettitt
Brett Pettitt(@dominus1981)
10 days ago

Thanks for all these videos this week guys. The best thing here is my friend is a GSC player, I have a full custodes list with spares to build and all the information given in all these videos is going to be a major help.
And we both get to see how they do against each other.
My big question for you is how you think the blade champion will fit in?

Daniel Bromley
Daniel Bromley(@daniel-bromley)
10 days ago

Great game guys, really enjoyed that.

10 days ago

Awesome release batrep! I was great seeing how genuinely happy Chef was explaining all the shenanigans. Cant wait to see more GSC in the near future!

alonso Madrigales
alonso Madrigales(@alonso-madrigales)
10 days ago

Sorry chef but I hope beard wins. Spider destroying custodes last game was rough lol.

Marcus Cross
Marcus Cross(@marcus-cross)
10 days ago

Early days but looking interesting for the Talons forces. Certainly some good tools in there, great report!

Chris Cubley
Chris Cubley(@chris-cubley)
10 days ago

Am I the only one who was expecting Chef to sprout a third arm when they were explaining how Beard got 15 points for his secondary?

10 days ago

What a fantastic release schedule. The Guide section is a really good addition. Watched the game to minute 38:00 and I ask myself if Beards move with the bikes is scripted to show off all the good stuff from the kult Codex or just his tactical genius.

James Perry
James Perry(@james-perry)
10 days ago

Another great report. Cool to see the two new books in action.

I am hoping GW is keeping the ‘Tracer Rounds BABY!’ Strat for the new Guard codex.

Jonathan Haynes
Jonathan Haynes(@jonathan-haynes)
10 days ago

Timing. I’m actually thinking of dreadhost custodes as my second army.

Scorn for the weak
Scorn for the weak(@jack-pawsey)
10 days ago

A match generations in the making! Heck yes!

Connor Guy
Connor Guy(@connor-guy)
10 days ago

Great way to start the weekend

10 days ago

Embeded video is only showing a link. Really looking forward to this game!!!
nvm. fixed

Last edited 10 days ago by Karmu