**NEW CODEX!** Necrons vs Black Templars 2000pts | Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report

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With the new Supplement for the Templars in their mitts, Jinx and Chef see if Helbrecht can get his vengeance on Imotekh in this brutal 5 turn game!

Thanks to Dave at Floorhammer Podcast for the use of his stunning Black Templars – Check out more of them on Instagram @dave_floorhammer

00:00 Intro

02:04 Necrons Army List

05:59 Black Templar Army List

09:18 Mission – Battle Lines

10:17 Game Intro

13:27 Game


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The Army Lists are:


++ Battalion Detachment ++

Dynasty Code: Sautekh

+ HQ +

Imotekh the Stormlord: Warlord- Hyperlogical Strategist

Chronomancer: Relic: Veil of Darkness, Entropic Lance

Technomancer: Dynastic Heirloom- The Voltaic Staff, Rarefied Nobility- Immortal Pride, Cryptek Arkana- Cortical Subjugator Scarabs, Canoptek Cloak

+ Troops +

10x Immortals: Gauss Blaster

10x Immortals: Gauss Blaster

20x Necron Warriors: Gauss Flayers

+ Elites +

Canoptek Plasmacyte

Canoptek Reanimator

8x Deathmarks

10x Lychguard: Hyperphase Sword, Dispersion Shield

+ Fast Attack +

3x Ophydian Destroyers

3x Ophydian Destroyers

+ Heavy Support +

Doomsday Ark

Doomsday Ark

++ Total: 1,999pts ++

Black Templars

++ Battalion Detachment ++

+ HQ +

High Marshal Helbrecht: Warlord- Frontline Commander

Primaris Chaplain: Relic- The Crusader’s Helm, Litanies- Litany of Hate, Litany of Divine Protection

+ Troops +

10x Assault Intercessor Squad
Assault Intercessor Sergeant: Astartes Chainsword, Heavy Bolt Pistol
9x Assault Intercessor: Astartes Chainsword, Heavy Bolt Pistol

5x Heavy Intercessor Squad: 4x Heavy Bolt rifle, Heavy Bolter

5x Intercessor Squad: Bolt Rifles

5x Intercessor Squad: Bolt Rifles

+ Elites +

Bladeguard Ancient

4x Bladeguard Veteran Squad
Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant: Champion of the Feast, Revered Repositories- Sword of Judgement, Relic Bearer- The Holy Orb, Heavy Bolt Pistol
3x Bladeguard Veterans: Master-crafted Power Swords, Heavy Bolt Pistols

Primaris Apothecary

+ Fast Attack +

3x Outrider Squad

3x Suppressor Squad

+ Heavy Support +

3x Eradicator Squad: Melta Rifles

Gladiator Lancer: 2x Storm Bolters

Sicaran Battle Tank: 2x Lascanons

+ Dedicated Transport +

Impulsor: 2x Storm Bolters

++ Total: 2,000pts ++

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James Wisnesky
James Wisnesky(@james-wisnesky)
1 month ago

Why Katie!!!

1 month ago

Was that grotty I saw near the deathmarks?

Philip Showell
Philip Showell(@philip-showell)
1 month ago

I’m guessing Imotekh’s imagined stomach had the rumblies, that only hands can satisfy…I enjoyed this battle report, and this reference.

1 month ago

Fun match gang! Also oof, remember when poor Imotekh was good?…. way back in 5th-6th xD. So many of the named necron characters are just tragically pants

1 month ago

Super fun battle report, really entertaining!
Ophydians get 2 additional attacks each for their claws, they have such a full on data sheet it’s easy to miss.

1 month ago

favorite moment….”PANTS”

Super fun batrep

Robert Strachan
Robert Strachan(@robertstrachan)
1 month ago

That is the most amazing BT army I’ve every seen.

Christopher Krueger
Christopher Krueger(@christopher-krueger)
1 month ago

BTW Jinx, really good game for your first time using the Astartes. If the luck wasn’t so one-sided, you would have had him.

Christopher Krueger
Christopher Krueger(@christopher-krueger)
1 month ago

No Land Raider Crusaders, no Sword Brethren, no proper bikes or assault marines, no Emperor’s Champion…I hope you don’t turn all the new BT units into Dragons, then the BT will just be another vanilla Primaris list with Helbrecht and 5 . Primaris have 2 melee units, both footslogging. BT are like BA, they need firstborn units if they want to play as their actual chapter.

Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby(@martinkirby)
1 month ago

Really fun game guys! Chef and Jinx, your presenting was on point this match. Thoroughly enjoyed it (though Jinx I’m sorry your sanity had to break halfway through as a result)

Simon Cooper
Simon Cooper(@simon-cooper)
1 month ago

How on earth dose Helbrect end up being strong with more attacks then most HQs in the game. His sweep attacks have more that a grand master dread knight !
He’s a beast

Princeps Augustus
Princeps Augustus(@augusto-fioretti)
1 month ago

Each time Miss Jinx says “pal” a dice roll in the room that should be a stunning success turns into a sore whiff, and vice-versa. If only she’d know how to use her power to her advantage. Could she be the anti-Lawrence, the warp-dissonance luck wielder??

Last edited 1 month ago by Princeps Augustus
1 month ago

Great batrep! Nice to see a bit more of a varied list with the Necrons, it’s a shame that the Expansionist/Conquerors custom dynasty seems to be the only way they’re played in competition so its refreshing to see them run in other ways. I’m a big fan of the Ophydians and even without the bonus claw attacks they were doing some damage! Do you guys have any Tomb Blades? I feel like they’re a good fit for a Sautekh army being able to drop buckets of Gauss fire from a safer distance and being core, are eligible for My Will… Read more »

Alec Small
Alec Small(@alec-small)
1 month ago

The rules summary on the back page for the Uphold vow specifically states that it only ignores the ‘benefits’ of light and heavy cover. So this is the right way to play it as written too.

Carl Jette
Carl Jette(@carl-jette)
1 month ago

Me: Oh boy can’t wait to finally get datacards with my templars!
-opens card pack-
No Litanies card… -_-

Philippe Boulanger
Philippe Boulanger(@philippe_boulanger)
1 month ago

I’m so glad you went with the narrative of Helbrecht vs Imotekh !

1 month ago

Batreps with Chef are my favourite 👌🏻😎

ben harvey
ben harvey(@ben-harvey)
1 month ago

In the back of the codex supplement, it states that its light and heavy cover not dense 🙂

1 month ago

15 mins into the video and im forced to comment on how you got to JIF but didnt get the immediate connection to a JIF Lemon and delicious pancakes….for shame!

Francisco Michels
Francisco Michels(@francisco-michels)
1 month ago

I want to see you guys pick up a black templar force for the channel so badly.

Kirt Haynes
Kirt Haynes(@kirt-haynes)
1 month ago

Why was chef making 20 shots with the gaus flyer array? I was understanding it is rapid fire 5 not rapid fire 10 or did I miss something

Sven Hegenbart
Sven Hegenbart(@sven_hegenbart)
1 month ago

Nice batrep as always – even more seeing Chef playing Necrons 🙂
As I was thinking about starting Necrons and adding the Ophydian Destroyers
Wouldn’t you have 2 extra attacks with their claws or did I just miss it?

john roberts
john roberts(@john-roberts)
1 month ago

Wait, was this the mental health video?

Joshua Barron
Joshua Barron(@joshua_barron)
1 month ago

You guys get me on a deeper level . . .

Huw Tindall
Huw Tindall(@huwtindall)
1 month ago

Nice batrep as usual team! Jinx your dice rolls were heinously bad. I like to think they’ll balance out another game and you’ll stomp your opponent.

Also, are Heavy Intercessors the most useless primaris unit (besides reivers of course)? I’ve never seen them do much on the table.

Christian Hellicar
Christian Hellicar(@christian-hellicar)
1 month ago

I really like the fact that there’s negatives to go with the benefits. All traits you can chose should have a downside. Not so much as to make it worse for you; just enough to mean you need to think about your choice. It adds balance. Great game, as ever, also. Jinx is doing a great job with learning different factions. I recently played 8 games in 8 days mainly with Custodes, but also with Necrons, to help get my local league up & running. Despite me being very comfortable with Custodes I ran different lists (nasty ones for people… Read more »

Stuart Hay
Stuart Hay(@stuart-hay)
1 month ago

Beard you swine! Deleting the outtakes!

Ægir Kristjánsson
Ægir Kristjánsson(@aegir-kristjansson)
1 month ago

God i wish Chef would have had Szarekh when he was asked if he knew what rights he had. He has the right…..to remain silent “qeue sunglasses and guitar solos”

1 month ago

Great game! As soon as the music you choose for the intro started my Heavy metal soul began roaring the name of the Emperor so yeah, maybe I should dive deeper into the Black Templars. My Iron Hands are starting to look uncofortable with their black armor, their pauldron so easy to get painted in white……but no, I have to stay strong!

Erik Ramvi
Erik Ramvi(@icecool)
1 month ago

Can sicarans be used for imperial loyalists (?)For meany years i only seen Beard use them for his Iron warriors 🙂

1 month ago

Lol is that a nurgling in the background?

1 month ago

Oooooooh baaaaby! Just got back from walking my dog. Not only do I get an alert saying TT posted a new vid with my boys in black, but also I come home to find my preorder BTs have also arrived. Best afternoon incoming!!

1 month ago

The recurring Theme with Jinx seems to be DESTROY EVERYTHING 🌋

Jack Beaman
Jack Beaman(@jack-beaman)
1 month ago

Perfect for a 2hr train to Cheltenham!

1 month ago

There is a section in the Designer’s Notes for Obscuring and Dense terrain that I think answers that question. Would it not also work the same as the Necron Solar Pulse? I’ve interpreted it as like the whole army is hit with a Solar Pulse.

From the bottom section of it

“Also note that any rule that ignores the benefits of cover, or that ignores the benefits of cover that impose a penalty on hit rolls, would still ignore that penalty.”

Rules quibbling aside…I am excited for this game. Go Necrons!

1 month ago

Yasss what a saturday, literally the 2 armies I collect, looking forward to this 1

1 month ago

Nice! Excited to be the first 🙂