Octarius: Rising Tide Review | Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus

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YouTube video

Beard and Jinx talk about the new rules the latest War Zone book brings to the table!

00:00 Intro

02:01 Codex Supplement: Cadia

08:49 Deathwatch Army of Renown: Kill Team Strike Force

15:58 Index: Inquisition and Fortifications

16:16 Codex Supplement: Hive Fleet Leviathan

28:13 Tyranids: Synaptic Links

35:21 Outro

37:01 Smooth Swing and Outtakes are a fine pair

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Ægir Kristjánsson
Ægir Kristjánsson(@aegir-kristjansson)
1 month ago

i now demand that Alfa-Leeda Best be the name for the glass cabinets that were seemingly made for mini displaying!

Paul Turner
Paul Turner(@jazzmonster)
1 month ago

Beard, I just got the book and the terminator Inquisitor is gone! I just built one of my own after seeing yours in action and how much fun you were having with him … sigh

Nick Kirkham
Nick Kirkham(@nick-kirkham)
1 month ago

Beard, will you run this army of renown in a game for us? I think the potential chapter tactic changes round by round could be very nice.

Dean Brereton
Dean Brereton(@dean-brereton)
1 month ago

Getting to the point now where its slightly embarrassing, you have an app yet you continue to push books with 4 pages of rules for each faction! these books for me, should appear at the end of all the codex releases to get all the players engaged and shape the narrative for the future. If its going to be 3 or 4 armies then app it.

1 month ago

Not related to the above video as such but… Laurance is going to the No Retreat Legends event soon. Would be aces to see him put out some competative content about the lead up to the event! Perhaps he takes some of the armies he is worried about out for a spin?

1 month ago

Please try out the buffed genesters now.
They have gone from 20 genestealers attacking 10 space marines doing 18 wound on average rolls, to doing 42 wounds with all the new buffs.

Kurtis Carlson
Kurtis Carlson(@kurtis-carlson)
1 month ago

I’m gonna echo what a lot of people are saying. But yeah it’s bullshit they are releasing these books before all the codexes are out.

It’s a bad joke how badly organized all the rules distribution is. They could’ve had all of them out by now. All they had to do was put it in electronic form…..that’s it….

1 month ago

Yay a me battle cannon!

Jackson Grace
Jackson Grace(@jackson-grace)
1 month ago

Is there a reason why every trait/relic/stratagem for Cadia wasn’t covered? It would have been nice to hear some analysis on the weaker sections of the supplement, especially for someone who is new and doesn’t reach the same conclusions as more experienced players. For instance, Tactica Pax Cadia seems really strong…but you didn’t mention it at all? Thanks 🙂

1 month ago

DW sargent w/ a Warlord Trait strat might acutally be one of the winners for the book. If I can Sarg WLT –> Paragon of the Chapter –> Oathkeepers (Black Templar) does that mean my Terminator heavy Proteus KT can now Heroically Intervene 6in? Might need an FAQ, but there are some good upgrades there.

1 month ago

Thanks gang, for a look at some of the updates, but as a Guard player, it’s just pretty crushing that unless I play Cadian (which I don’t), then it’s all just noise. Shame. Good luck to all those Cadian players out there, I hope these additions to your toolset help? The all infantry lists look like they might have some legs again? 🤷‍♂️🤞 However, I imagine this means we’re way off for a Guard codex for 9th. At this rate we’ll have waited what… 4 years and counting. I’ll take the point that in the past 4 years for a… Read more »

Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke(@colin-clarke)
1 month ago

Personally I think the third leviathan trait is better than the redeploy, a lot of the time the redeployment does nothing because you deployed the best way you can in the first place… being able to switch between abilities, having that flexibility is very nice

1 month ago

Beard, I think you might be missing a lot with the Deathwatch. Yes, adding specialisms is expensive (you’re only going to do 10 man kill teams and combat squad where appropriate to make the point per model less taxing), but having the ability to basically use a different chapter tactic for an entire battle round is pretty big (veterans strat is only for the turn so any defensive ones that occur in opponents turn can’t really be used). For example, the BT chapter tactic allows you to shrug MW on 5+. This is useless with the strat as it won’t… Read more »

Chris Brown
Chris Brown(@chris-brown)
1 month ago

As a nids player it’s great to have some new rules and stuff, sorely needed and all looks rather cool…. but I’d rather just have my new codex, not a psychic awakening 2.0. It’s a lot of wedge to pay just for a small section of the book

Stephen Price
Stephen Price(@stephen-price)
1 month ago

So behind Beard’s beard is another beard?

1 month ago

I am happy that the Nids players get to receive some worthy upgrade, but these supplements are just wrong. You should not have to pay full price for 4 pages of rules, but even more they should not be putting those out while there are so many factions without codices. If it was a way to revamp a faction at the end of a cicle then sure, why not? But now it just feels a greedy move. And we are again at the stage when if you go to a tournament you have to bring half a bookshelf of books… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Stefano
Kaibong deity
Kaibong deity(@kaibong-deity)
1 month ago

Agree. It’s so frustrating to be paying full book price and having a whole book to lug around for a few pages.
Especially when there will be a new codex and could even be more nid stuff in another book like admech.

Then the FW compendium..the faqs..

Josie Cartwright
Josie Cartwright(@josie-cartwright)
1 month ago

FYI – they did just reprint the inquisition stuff, but fortifications did get changes. They just made them worse ^_^

Sven Hegenbart
Sven Hegenbart(@sven_hegenbart)
1 month ago

Really happy for the tyranids player to get some new rules but to pay more for a codex for just a couple of pages is still not right