Codex Genestealer Cults Top 5 Changes | Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus

Avatar The Beard January 8, 202229  16 29 Likes

YouTube video

Chef & Beard sit down and discuss the top 5 changes in the new Genestealer Cults Codex release!

For even further details, be sure to check out our in depth Tactical Guide!

00:00 Intro
02:54 Detachment Rules
07:34 Cult Creeds
15:16 Stratagems
16:41 Proficient Planning
17:44 Warlord Traits
19:52 Broodmind Discipline
22:21 Relics
24:56 Datasheet Rules – Conceal
27:29 Datasheet Rules – Unquestioning Loyalty
29:02 Datasheet Rules – Crossfire
31:13 Datasheet Rules – Summon the Cult
33:35 Unit Changes
42:15 Points Changes
43:34 Outro

Chef & Beard sit down and discuss the top 5 changes in the new Genestealer Cults Codex release!

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Philippe Boulanger
Philippe Boulanger(@philippe_boulanger)
5 days ago

Love this video format. Keep em coming.

I hope this Codex will give us more Chef’s GSC games ! I love this army 🤘🏻

6 days ago

Fantastic work getting these videos out so quick and a batrep! Much appreciated you legends!

Enhanced Ignorance
Enhanced Ignorance(@enhanced-ignorance)
8 days ago

Just for kind of argument sakes on the whole apothecary not being a leader thing: lore wise apothecaries have been known to step up and lead the chapter in the event that someone else isn’t there so really it’s not too far-fetched to think that if they had more experience than say a captain they would have a special ability. More so than some giant hills have eyes dude with a sign in my opinion. Not saying they shouldn’t have it though!

Kal Spriggs
Kal Spriggs(@jacob-spriggs)
9 days ago

I love when they add *gasp* tactical stuff like crossfire into the game. So much better than things like Admech where they just get additional abilities because reasons.

The Wraith
The Wraith(@chris_shipway)
9 days ago

Lots of chatter out there on the internet today saying that Crossfire is too complicated, but personally I love it. Not only do I like the effect and the fluff and all, but I like that it’s kinda the point. I appreciate having some variety in the available factions’ skill floors and ceilings.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown(@chris-brown)
10 days ago

Can you two do all the future faction focus vids please… perfect mix of analysis and banter 👌

I’m sure Lawrence will want to jump in on the upcoming eldar release though but always enjoy hearing his insights!

10 days ago

Thrilled you put this video out. Things are pretty grim and dark here in Onterrible, so this was doubly appreciated.

Ed Pemberton
Ed Pemberton(@ed-pemberton)
10 days ago

An EXCELLENT overview fellas! My oh my am I excited to get my hands on this book! Keep up the awesome work.

daniel schmitt
daniel schmitt(@dannyslag)
10 days ago

Wtf. So just like we’re the only army used to not have our traits effect vehicles we’re now the only army who can’t give warlord traits to elite characters, so abominant. Wtf gw

daniel schmitt
daniel schmitt(@dannyslag)
10 days ago

Please just tell me aberrant are finally not trash.

Thijs Schrijnemakers
Thijs Schrijnemakers(@thijs-schrijnemakers)
10 days ago

A nice review, this sounds incidious and spicy. Looking forward to the game you filmed.
Our day is nigh brothers, RISE UP!!

The Chef
The Chef(@the-pastry-chef)
10 days ago

In practice it’s super easy, it’s not that difficult
Hit a target with X
Check if a line goes over enemy unit between your units
Get bonuses
Sadly it has to written the way it is for the Rules Lawyers. Back in the halcyon days of 3rd through to early 5th you’d never have had it, cos people weren’t actively trying to break the game as much as now