How to Paint Tyranids Brains! | Warhammer 40k Painting Tutorial

Avatar The Beard September 6, 202334  11 34 Likes

YouTube video

Fletcher is back with a quick tutorial on how to paint Tyranid Brains! We hope you enjoy this quick and easy tutorial to enhance your Tyranid collection, or use the technique and apply it to any organic looking miniatures!

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Victor Dhoro
6 months ago

Wasn’t sure where else to ask this, but how did you paint the guns on the Barbgaunts? They look so good and it’s driving me mad.

Shawn Chenoweth
Lifetime Member
7 months ago

I am really digging these vids. Thanks Fletcher 💪🏼

J Whitehouse
7 months ago

Love the new Tyranid painting videos, amazing work as always Fletcher, can’t believe how much you’ve done if you started them in April (but I’m a slow painter). If you are taking requests for other shorts in the future I would love to know how you paint the barbgaunt/exocrine weapons and the prime wings. Thanks so much for all the content you produce here and on Instagram, makes me want to paint every time I see your work, top man.

Mike B
Mike B
7 months ago

FINALLY. Painting content! Rules used in battle reports change, but paint guides are evergreen. Hope to see more. Does fletcher put varnish on the minis after they are done to protect the paint?

7 months ago

Nice and quick but you still show the process. Thanks

Thijs Schrijnemakers
7 months ago


Gerard Gomis
Lifetime Member
7 months ago

Thank you Fletcher!

Lodge Member
7 months ago

Ooo, we’re spoilt! Two tutu in one day. 👊🏼

Michael Connor
Michael Connor
7 months ago

Quick and effective. Loving these Tyranid tutorials fletcher.

Simon Jackson
7 months ago

Give me your BRAIIIIIINS!